Mist It Invisible Eyelid Tape

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Mist It Invisible Eyelid Tape

Fix Droppy Eyelid Instantly With Just a Pair of Tapes!

Always wanted a double eyelid? Get that beautiful depth easily with Mist It Invisible Eyelid Tape! The ideal, non-invasive solution to mono-lids which gives you instant double eyelids effortlessly and painlessly.

Now you could have stunning double lid with just spraying and sticking. With its refined lace design, it seamlessly blends with any skin tone for a completely invisible look. Have them all day long as its long-lasting adhesion is water- and swear-proof. You can use it on or under any makeup without ruining your look. Time to have your attractive eyes easily from now on!


  • Natural Double Eyelid:
    Gives you instant double eyelids and adds depth to the crease without any invasive methods.

  • Invisible Look:
    Its refined lace design seamlessly blends with any skin tone, making it completely invisible.

  • Long-Lasting:
    Sweat-proof and waterproof, it’s sure to stay on all day long.
  • Makeup Buildable:
    Can be used over or under any kind of eye makeup without ruining your look.
  • Easy Stick-On:
    Just get it wet and carefully stick it onto your eyelid, ta-da! Beautiful eyelids are here.

  • Multi-Piece Set:
    Comes in a big set of multiple eyelid stickers, including applicators and a spray bottle.


  • Material: Adhesive Plastic


  • 120 Pairs x Mist It Invisible Eyelid Tape
  • 1x Spray Bottle
  • 1x Applicator

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