Mitered Corner Ruler

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Mitered Corner Ruler


Rulers help create a perfect straight line whether it be in drawing, sketching, sewing or even ironing! 



…And Sew Precise Mitered Corners With ZERO Measurements!

Our MITERED CORNER RULER is incredibly durable made of a thick translucent resin material that can withstand extreme temperature up to 280-degrees. Making this heat-resistant ironing ruler ideal for longer heat exposure, will not melt or deform.

Simply fold the cloth, align it to your desired angle, and press it with the iron to smoothly sew hems in no time.

Round R-angle is practically designed for measuring special seams and parts for a nice arch or curve side

Evenly measures lines and diagonal angle lines to allow sewing and pressing hems faster, precise, and easier!

Suitable for various sewing and hemming tasks as you can use it with either dry or steam irons!

This Mitered Corner Ruler is especially designed for ironing, sewing, seam allowances, patchwork, measuring, drawing, cutting into clothing or fabric. A great tool for designers, patterns, tailors, and tailors. Order yours TODAY.

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