Mobile Phone Airbag Bracket

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Mobile Phone Airbag Bracket


Part stylish phone accessory, part opposable thumb for your phone. This Mobile Phone Airbag Bracket lets you take selfies, text with ease, or stand your phone up on a table. When you’re done, it collapses flat!

It helps add extra protection for your mobile phone to prevent it from slipping onto your hands and acts as a stand whenever you need it when watching videos, reading, etc. Sticks strongly on to the back of your phone or case and helps give a luxurious look with its marble designs. Suitable for all phones and easy to remove too!


  • Collapsible Construction – It pops up when you need to and collapses flat when you’re done using it.
  • Offers Secure Grip – It helps add extra protection for your mobile phone to prevent it from slipping onto your hands and acts as a stand whenever you need.
  • Minimalistic Design – The airbag bracket allows you to put your fingers in to hold the phone firmly so you can take selfies, text with ease, or stand your phone up on a table.
  • Sticks Strongly – Adheres strongly with any smooth surfaces such as your devices or cases and can bear a weight capacity of 5 pounds.
  • Compatible with Most Devices – Perfect for most smartphones and tablet computers, e-readers, which make it safer to use these electronic devices.
  • Highly Removable & Reusable – It’s easy to remove and reuse it or reposition again and again without residu


Material: Plastic

Size: 1.56 x 0.28 x 1.56 inches


1 X Mobile Phone Airbag Bracket

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