Multi-purpose Towel-like Cleaning Gloves



  • Intensive Cleaning
    A 10 piece pack of amazing cleaning gloves designed with a smart rhomboid shape surface for increased friction. Providing you a combination of powerful decontamination and easily wiping off all fine accumulated dust, fur and dirt from all surfaces. It offers a flat, heavy-duty feature which allows it to reach through small corners and crevices without breaking. Suitable for both wet and dry use so you can also use it for cleaning splatter stains or residues from your kitchenware.

Multi-purpose Towel-like Cleaning Gloves

  • Highly Reusable
    These cleaning gloves provide an excellent water absorption so you can confidently wash it after use without deformation or damaging. Each glove can remove all collected dust and dirt in a simple rinsing. Moreover, these household cleaning gloves have a smooth surface which allows them to easily ward off bacterial breeding. Making it an outstanding deep cleaning gloves that can be used repeatedly with no problems.

  • Dual-Sided Design
    The household dusting gloves supply a dual-sided cleaning which doubles up their dust removal function for great efficiency. It allows you to continuously eliminate all dirt and grimes without them easily getting filled and needing to shake it off each time. A quick-fix cleaner that will leave your household space spotlessly dust-free!

Multi-purpose Towel-like Cleaning Gloves

  • Widely Used
    These reusable gloves are constructed to swiftly wipe off dust without leaving any unwanted scratches and marks behind. Suitable for cleaning window gutters, window blinds, tables, sofas, throw pillows, keyboards, ceiling fans, furniture, kitchenwares, air conditioning outlets, picture frames and more possibilities. It comes with an even, appropriate sizing that can fit most hand sizes with great comfort. Allowing the user to clean freely without the gloves being too tight or constantly slipping off.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, spunlace non-woven and non-scratching fabric with ultimate dust and dirt removing qualities. It does not easily shed even after repeated use unlike other cleaning gloves. Additionally, it is completely odorless and smooth to touch to ensure that it won’t harm the user when worn.
  • Material: Non-woven fabric
  • 10 Pc x Multi-purpose Towel-like Cleaning Gloves
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Multi-purpose Towel-like Cleaning Gloves
Multi-purpose Towel-like Cleaning Gloves
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