Multi Segments Soft Lures


Multi Segments Soft Lures

🐟Not only do you think it’s true, but other big fish do, too.

bass swimbaits

  • Special Segments Design: combine the advantages of life-like swimming style of multi-jointed hard lures, and also retain the original characteristics of soft baits.

pike lures

  • Lifelike tail creates exaggerated swimming action and water disturbance, accurately recreates the natural movement of baitfish in subtle presentations, much more natural and realistic.

soft baits

  • Different colors of glitter in the lure body and double color will be better to reflect light to attract the target fish.

soft lures

  • High Quality Plastic Material: more durable and eco-friendly, non-toxic to the target fish and environment, not easily be broken.

soft lures

  1. Easy to attach: fish these with either a jighead, or rig it up as a dropshot with an EWG hook.
  2. Suitable for various kinds of fishes e.g. catfish, perch, bass, pike, trout, sea bream, red fish, walleye and so on, ideal choices for fishing enthusiasts.
  3. Exquisite package makes it a wonderful gift for yourself or your friends.
  4. Different sizes and colors to meet your various needs!

Different Sizes & Colors

  • 3.15in, 0.11oz, 7pcs/set
  • 3.94in, 0.18oz, 6pcs/set
  • 4.72in, 0.35oz, 5pcs/set
  • 5.91in, 0.65oz, 3pcs/set

bass lures

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Multi Segments Soft Lures
Multi Segments Soft Lures
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