MultiFunctional Car Door Step

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The MultiFunctional Car Door Step provides easy access to your vehicle’s roof. Simply hook the Door Step over the u-shaped door latch in each of your vehicle’s doors. The Step can be used to load and strap down car top cargo bags and boxes, canoes, kayaks, and SUPs; skis, snowboards, and bikes. you even can use it to wash your vehicle’s roof. The patented Step eliminates dirty shoes on vehicle seats and the need for step stools or ladders. If you are short or your vehicle is tall; the MultiFunctional Car Door Step makes getting your gear on or off your roof a breeze!

Practical and useful

A small thing will shorten the distance between you and the roof. You only need to take one step and you can easily put things on the roof or remove things from the roof, even clean the car roof!

Firm and sturdy

As humans, everyone is afraid of falling when stepping on suspended objects. However, our MultiFunctional Car Door Step is designed to support 400 pounds/180 Kg, fit all sizes of feet, and is compatible with any SUV or RV.

Portable, convenient and foldable

The size is 15 * 7.5 cm, which can be folded to 90 degrees, so that you can drive the car as you like, and it is convenient to carry. In an emergency, you can use it to break your car window.

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MultiFunctional Car Door Step
Original price was: $26.59.Current price is: $19.99. Select options