Multifunctional Sink Wrench

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1. Overall made of reinforced engineering plastic, with high strength, good toughness, not easy to be damaged. The head is made of zinc aluminum alloy.

2. Anti slip design, comfortable grip feeling.

3. With two level guages, it can measure whether the object is parallel to the ground.

4. With folding function, it can deal with narrow space, short distance and pipeline corner.

5. With 4 adsorption magnet points, easy to absorb screws, nuts and other metal small parts.

6. It is suitable for quick disassembly and assembly of faucet, sink, etc.


Material: plastic, zinc aluminum alloy

Size: 235mm*57mm/9.25″*2.24″


1 x Multifunctional Sink Wrench


Multifunctional Sink Wrench

Multifunctional Sink Wrench