Multipurpose windproof lighter

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Multipurpose windproof lighter

Camping self-defense lighter 

✅ Windproof, waterproof and coldproof
✅ Sturdy and lightweight
✅Carry on board


🔥【Refillable Lighter & Sturdy Turbo Nozzle】

  • The jet flame lighter uses sturdy copper nozzle, can create a continuous single flame up to. In order to make the nozzle cool faster, we added a cooling hole design 2 inches away from the flame hole to quickly cool down.


  • URGRETTE butane lighter has 2.8g gas capacity to ensure long lasting use. You can adjust flame size easily without any tools. In addition, our lighter has a fuel visible window. Shake the lighter to see residual fuel from the visible window, check and refill butane gas at any time, so you don’t have to worry about run out of gas.



  • 6-inch long neck design protect you from burning your hand. You can use it according to the intended applications such as grill, candle, BBQ, camping, baking, soldering or DIY jewelry. This 2 Pack URGRETTE lighters ( Raven & Ruby ) are stored in a gift box, a great gifts idea for Friend, Christmas Day, Birthday.

Common Questions

Q: Is the lighter without gas?

A: Yes. Due to shipping regulation, lighters are not allowed to ship with gas. Recommonded gas: gas bottle with long nozzle.

Q: Why does the flame continue burning even when I release the trigger?

A: Try to adjust the gas flow to lower setting. Sometimes the gas flow is too big will cause flame keep going after releasing trigger.

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Multipurpose windproof lighter
Multipurpose windproof lighter
Original price was: $36.98.Current price is: $19.98. Select options