(🔥Hot Sale – 49% OFF)Nail-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holders(Set of 2)-Buy 3 Get 1 Free


(🔥Hot Sale – 49% OFF)Nail-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holders(Set of 2)-Buy 3 Get 1 Free

No more drilling & Holes in walls!

 Customer Review


“Love love love the convenience. No holes to drill, easiest curtain brackets. Perfect for my travel trailer as well as my house.” – Penny Harris


“Very easy to install and very practical. Adhesion works very well. Good product” – Patricia Vinson


“Easy install, great invention. Perfect on Vinyl siding , interior & exterior walls. Adhesive holds 28inch, 48inch rods. Could hold more. Just haven’t tried yet. Will buy more. Bye bye to nails and holes in my walls.” – Robin Compagno

Customer questions & answers:

  • Question: Product Size?
  • Answer: Curtain pole wall brackets measure approximately 32 x 42 x 45 mm and are suitable for light poles less than 25 mm in diameter.
  • Question: Can it be applied to those occasions and walls?
  • Answer: These curtain hooks are suitable for many clean and smooth surfaces such as glass, tile, marble, etc. They are great for hanging net curtains, voiles, party decorations or DIY crafts; but are not suitable for older painted walls, if used on such walls , it is recommended to use screws, so that it can be pasted more firmly.
  • Question: Are these removable in case I need to use them elsewhere later?
  • Answer: Our products can be removed and used again. In order to avoid damage to the wall, it is recommended to blow it with a hair dryer first, and then remove it after heating for a few minutes.


  • [Strong Adhesive Bracket] It can securely hold rods and holds up to 2 KG of load-bearing.
  • [Adjustable Bracket] High flexibility and versatile for unlimited usage. Adjust these Drill-Free Curtain Holders to perfectly hang your curtain rod at any length.
  • [Seamless Installation] It requires no nails and drills, thus it won’t cause damages to your walls or furniture.

  • [Premium Quality] Water repellent, anti-rust and durable, it can be applied to, wood, steel, tiles and concretes.
  • [Applicable occasions] These drapery hooks are suitable for many clean and smooth surface, like glass, mirrors, tiles, marble, stainless steel and more, ideal for hanging net curtain, voile, party decoration, garden decoration or DIY crafts


Dear customers, the initial viscosity of the tape becomes weak in winter, and the temperature is below 10 degrees. It is recommended to warm the surface of the tape before use to restore the chemical molecules of the colloid to the normal operating state, which can achieve the best adhesion. Connection effect. (The ideal operating temperature of the tape: 20-40 degrees)

The method is as follows (the sticking surface should be kept clean):

1. Use a hot hair dryer to heat the surface of the colloid, the temperature should not be too high, go back and forth to warm, and the temperature of the hair dryer should be controlled at about 40-50 degrees.

2. Put the oven to heat, the temperature should be controlled between 30-40 degrees, keep 50% humidity, and the time should be controlled at 30-40 minutes.


  • Size: 4.5 x 4.2x 3.2 cm
  • Capacity: Holds up to 2 kg


  • Nail-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holders (2pcs)
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Nail-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holders
(🔥Hot Sale – 49% OFF)Nail-free Adjustable Rod Bracket Holders(Set of 2)-Buy 3 Get 1 Free
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