NailIt Fluorescent Dipping Powder

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NailIt Fluorescent Dipping Powder

Light Up The Night With Your Nails!

Wanna be a star in party? Here is the time to shine with NailIt Fluorescent Powder.

The NailIt Fluorescent Dipping Powder is created to give you ease in designing your nails by just dipping them and letting them shine. It works great with any type of nails and makes your natural nail bed safe from chipping and cracking. Time to shine with your nails.


  • Fluorescent Effect:
    Light up in the dark after applying, be the shiniest star in party.
  • No Light Curing Needed:
    No need to buy a special UV lamp as it cures without needing it.

  • Create Your Style:
    Use Your Creativity to do your own styled nails.

  • High Compatibility:
    Best used in any type of nail, natural nails, acrylic nails, and false nails.
  • Nail Bed Friendly:
    Formulation is breathable and water-resistant and it makes your nails resistant to chipping and cracking.
  • Easy To Use:
    Just apply a base coat then dip your nails to the dipping powder repeatedly till desired thickness and color intensity is achieved.


  • Materials: Colored Powder, Fluorescent Agent
  • Weight: 100g
  • Color: Sky Blue, Forest, Coral, Yellow, Gray, Turquoise, Purple, Pink, Tangerine, Lime, Royal Blue, Red


  • 1x NailIt Fluorescent Powder

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