Nano Coating Protective Spray


Nano Coating Protective Spray


Our shoes are constantly exposed to the harshest conditions. The Nano Coating Protective Spray will protect your favorite shoes from rain, snow, stains, and other elements! Keep your shoes looking new.


  • Repels dirt and other elements. Protects your shoes from elements and resists stain, while still allowing the shoes to breathe. It can be used on all types and colors of shoes.

  • Waterproof spray. This versatile spray is ideal for some of your most delicate footwear. The waterproof coating repels water, dirt, and oil.  Creates invisible and breathable protection

  • Fast-drying formula. It features a special fast-drying formula that repels water and causes it to bead off. After using the spray, your shoes easily wipe clean after getting dirty from salt or mud stains.

  • Makes your shoe weather-proof. Designed to block out rain, sleet, and snow, this helps keep you dry while extending the life of your favorite shoes, boots, handbags, and clothing. Plus, it helps minimize outfit-ruining salt stains. 

  • Versatile. This spray is also a great fix for other accessories like bags, clothes, boots, wallets, and more, this product is the perfect addition to your arsenal.


  • Size: 100 ml


  • 1 x Nano Coating Protective Spray