NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops


NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops, the revolutionary self-tanning solution that will give you the perfect sun-kissed glow without ever stepping foot outside. Say goodbye to harsh UV rays and hello to a radiant, natural-looking tan that will turn heads and boost your confidence.

Specially formulated with all-natural, vegan ingredients that will nourish and hydrate your skin while giving you a flawless, streak-free tan. No Alcohol and Perfume.Instead we use the skin-loving alternative, glycols, which have the same antimicrobial and preservative benefits of alcohol, but attract and lock in moisture.  The same ingredients found in baby lotions and medical grade moisturizers. Plus 11 all-natural botanicals that plump, smooth, and prep the skin instantly.


  1. Exfoliate your skin before application.
  2. Add 2-4 drops to your favorite moisturizer or lotion.
  3. Mix well and apply to your skin.
  4. Wash your hands after application.
  5. Wait 4-6 hours before showering or sweating.
  6. Enjoy your new, natural-looking tan!

NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops has the following product:


  • Name: NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops
  • Net Content: 30 ml
  • Target User: men and women
  • Type: tanning drops
  • For All Skin Types
  • Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Includes

  • NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops
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NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops
NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops
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