[New Design] Creative Fidget Spinner [3PCS Yellow, Blue, Red]

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New Design Creative Fidget Spinner 3PCS Yellow Blue Red

Creative Fidget Spinner is a good neat sensory tool that can relieve stress and give your brain a rest. It will provide sensory interaction and help restore emotions. It can also be used as a rotator, it can be folded, and it can change different styles to form dynamic special effects. It can also improve your concentration and creatives, letting you play it anywhere at any time.

Deformation Design and very light – The weight is only 130g, allowing you to have a fun and stress-relieving time. This gyro toy is versatile and can be transformed into many different shapes.  Its anti-stress function provides effective training of the brain and hands, stimulates the imagination of thinking, improves focus, develops kids’ creativity.

Sosatisfied right? – This creative fidget spinner can be flat when you fold it, also can be the other way to hold it. With the creative fidget toy, you will feel much more satisfied. You can give this spinner to your friends or family members as a Christmas gift. This small tool is ideal for killing time, helps relieve stress, and stops bad habits like phones, TV, keeping your hands busy, or your mind quietly! It has brought lots of fun for grownups and children. A perfect is suitable for both adults and children safe to use.


  • Material: PVC-Plastic
  • Size: 10cm


  • 3 x Creative Fidget Spinner (Yellow, Red, Blue)
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[New Design] Creative Fidget Spinner [3PCS Yellow, Blue, Red]