Nightime Men’s Therapeutic Magnetic Ring


Nightime Men’s Therapeutic Magnetic Ring


This Therapeutic Magnetic Ring is surely a must-have health tool for all men out there.

Simply wear this ring and improve your sleeping pattern, excretory habits, and overall health!

Solves Insomnia and Frequent Urination

This balances the magnetic field in the entire body promoting better sleep, decrease night urination, and insomnia deterrence.

Increases Performance & Fertility

Reactivate man’s drive and reproductive function by simply wearing.

Anti-Snoring Therapeutic Magnetic Ring

Uses non-invasive acupressure to trigger pressure points located on the fingers loosening breathing airways while asleep, thus preventing snoring.

Magnetic Acupuncture Therapy

Utilizes magnetic therapy to facilitate male hormones, known for its metaphysical reputation in improving your overall health.

100% Safe without Harmful Effects

Enjoy a better sleep without side effects, unlike harmful pills and medicine.

Promotes Better Blood Circulation

Facilitates aids in the natural process of your circulatory system, strengthening your physical and also emotional health


Just wear it on the little finger of your hand. Wear it while sleeping.

Gently press the ring together so it can work on the targeted acupressure points.


Material: Environmental Protection Copper
Colors: Black
Use: For Men Only
Size: One Size Fits All
Package Includes: 1 /2 x Nightime Men’s Therapeutic Magnetic Ring