Nitric Oxide Flow

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Nitric Oxide Flow

Formulated to help your body increase its nitric oxide production levels naturally. With higher nitric oxide levels, you can reap the benefits of better blood flow, energy, and blood pressure support.

Nitric Oxide Levels Slowly Decline With Age

Studies show that our nitric oxide levels naturally decrease the older we get; it’s no surprise that in our 40s, and 50s we may lose more than half of our natural nitric oxide levels.

Having lower levels can result in low energy throughout the day, hypertension (high blood pressure), poor circulation, and decreased physical performance.

Helping increase your nitric oxide levels may help increase athletic performance and support a healthier circulatory system.

Nitric Oxide Flow Key Benefits


Blood Pressure Support

Helps support blood pressure by increasing your overall nitric oxide levels and circulation.


Circulation Support

Helps increase blood flow, and circulation throughout the body by helping you produce more nitric acid levels in your bloodstream.


Fast Recovery

Helps deliver powerful nutrients through better circulation and blood flow. This may also help increase energy and stoma.

WHAT IS NITRIC OXIDE? Nitric Oxide is naturally produced by your body. Almost every single cell in your body produces Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator, which means it dilates and relaxes the inner muscles of blood vessels. This causes your blood vessels to widen and relax which in effect increases blood flow and supports normal blood pressure levels.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO TAKE NITRIC OXIDE? As we age our bodies lose the ability to produce nitric oxide naturally. By the time we reach the age of 40 we produce about 50% less nitric oxide that we did at the age of 20 which may cause inflammation and plaque buildup. At the age of 50 we are producing about 35% of nitric oxide, which can cause calcium build up and stiffening of the arteries. Finally at the age of 60 plus we can be down to only 15% of natural nitric oxide production.

WHAT IS L-ARGININE AND L-CITRULLINE? L- Arginine converts into Nitric Oxide in the Body, and L- Citrulline is converted into L-Arginine which is then converted into Nitric Oxide. L-Arginine is more of a fast acting boost of nitric oxide production as L-Citrulline is converted when the body needs to use it. So with our 2:1 ratio not only do you get the instant effect, but you also keep your nitric oxide levels up as your body will use the L-Citrulline as needed to convert into Nitric Oxide.

WHY US? We do extensive research with all of our products to insure that our products have no artificial ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives. Our Nitric Oxide Blend is formulated to increase your blood flow, support your blood pressure, and support your physical well being.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – At Natures Pure Blend, we strive to live up to our name. With our supplements, you’ll always find 100% natural ingredients, which included science-based clinically effective dosages. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality and integrity and have committed to NEVER using artificial sweeteners, food dyes, or harmful additives.


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Nitric Oxide Key Ingredients

Nitric Oxide For Performance

Nitric Oxide (NO) is linked with improved athletic performance. NO reduces blood pressure and increases oxygen delivery to organs, potentially benefiting cardiovascular health. It also impacts oxygen delivery to muscles, leading to positive effects on muscle, efficiency, tolerance, and endurance, enhancing sports performance

Cellular Regeneration

In response to trauma, diet, injury, and aging impact serum antioxidant levels. If the antioxidant concentration becomes low, then the scavenging activity of the extracellular enzymes is reduced. This can impact intercellular oxidative stress, hindering the capability for cells to regenerate effectively. Supplementing with antioxidants can ensure adequate levels to support healthy cellular regeneration.

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Nitric Oxide Flow
Nitric Oxide Flow