Non-slip Wig Grip Headband


Tired of your wig slipping and damaging your hairline?
Then the Non-slip Wig Grip Headband is for you.

The Non-slip Wig Grip Headband is a specially engineered that secures your wig (rollercoaster proof, we’re serious!) while protecting your scalp and promoting natural hair growth underneath.
The Wig Grip Headband is a universal size, works with all full wigs, last for years and can be worn on heads with or without bio hair.

Environmentally friendly silicone material, easy to wear, firm anti-skid and anti-shedding design (unique
customized bump-like appearance, more stable and more breathable) High elasticity, repeated
stretching without deformation and color fading

Soft to the touch, easy to clean, extremely elastic and free to stretch without deformation, easy
to carry, easy to use, simple in structure, comfortable and
stable to wear, smooth and beautiful.

How to use the wig grip band ?

1、Wear the wig grip slightly behind your hair hairline

2、Apply wig over the grip

3、Pull wig down at the ears then pull it together at the nape of the neck to secure it in place around and over the wig grip.

Makes wear wig more secure, easier and comfortable.

  • Can be worn on heads with or without hair.
  • Universal size
  • Works with all full wigs
  • Soft gel like and stretchy feel
  • Lasts for up to 2 years
  • Glueless


  • Weight : 25g
  • Length : 22cm
  • Width: 4cm

The silicone headband is the best way to secure your wigs.
It is adjustable elastic comfortable. keep the wig in place.

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Non-slip Wig Grip Headband
Non-slip Wig Grip Headband
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