Nooro™ EMS Foot Massager


Painkillers Are Only Making It Worse

Nooro™ EMS Foot Massager

Your doctor has probably prescribed you Gabapentin or Lyrica for your neuropathy – but that’s actually the worst thing you can do.

Why? Because painkillers are only numbing the pain while doing absolutely nothing to stop your nerve cells from dying.
As Dr. Jeremy explained…
It’s like if your car was making a lot of squeaky noises because you are out of oil – and you just turned up the speakers so you don’t hear it.
You are just turning a blind eye to the real underlying problem.
Pain and tingling are warning signs your body is sending you…
…And you should stop neglecting them before it’s too late.

If You Still Feel Pain and Tingling,
That’s Actually Good News!

Nerve cells cause burning and tingling as they shrivel.

…And then they just go numb when they die.
So if you are still feeling burning and tingling, it means that some of your cells are still alive.
Why is this important?
Because National Institute of Health says:
“Peripheral nerves have the ability to REGENERATE as long as the underlying nerve cell has not been killed”
So as long as your feet are not completely numb, there’s a chance that you can save the remaining nerve cells and reverse your neuropathy.
Finally, Dr. Jeremy Told Me That There’s ONE Way to Reverse Neuropathy

…And that is to increase the blood flow in the feet.

If you can increase blood flow to your feet so the nerve cells get the much-needed oxygen, your neuropathy will be gone for good.
But how do you do it?
Traditional medicine would suggest that the way to increase circulation is to move around more.
However, moving is the last thing we want to do when we are in pain.
So… What’s the solution?
I asked Dr. Jeremy the same question.
And that’s the first time I heard these words:
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Technology.

This New Breakthrough Technology Fixes Blood Circulation Issues and Reverses Neuropathy 

in Mere Weeks

Dr. Jeremy partnered up with a med tech startup Nooro to create the first massager that uses NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation technology.

This technology sends a unique combination of targeted electric impulses deep into the tissue of feet and instantly kickstarts blood circulation…
….While at the same time triggering all the right nerves in your feet and promoting the regeneration of damaged nerve cells.
…All without moving or even leaving your chair.
This means that within a few days, the nerves in your feet can repair and heal, eliminating the burning pain, tingling, and numbness…
…Allowing you to get back to the things you love again.
…Without constant foot pain and swelling trapping you in your own body.

It’s Not an Overstatement to Say That Nooro NMES Foot Massager Saved My Life

Nooro™ EMS Foot Massager

After just a couple of weeks of using the Nooro NMES Foot Massager, my neuropathy was gone.

The pain began to fade and the tingling sensation slowly disappeared.
I couldn’t believe it. After years of suffering, I finally found relief.
I can now walk without pain, stand for as long as I want, and even sleep through the night without waking up in agony.
It feels like I got a new lease on life.
And I can’t wait to make up for all the time I lost.

Here’s How It Works


The best part about Nooro Foot Massager is that it’s so simple to use.

First, there are no annoying cords – You just charge it with the electricity plug and cable that arrives together with your order.
The second step is optional, but it’s recommended that you wash your feet and remove any excess skin on your feet.
It significantly boosts the effectiveness of the massage treatment.
And then you just place your feet on the foot pad, select the mode and the intensity level of the massage… And that’s it!
Sit back comfortably while the massager erases the pain, stops the tingling, and frees you from neuropathy once and for all.

Thousands of People Were Able to

Reverse Neuropathy With This Device

If you check out Nooro’s Website, you will find thousands of reviews from people just like you who were able to completely reverse neuropathy:
Nooro™ EMS Foot Massager

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Nooro™ EMS Foot Massager
Nooro™ EMS Foot Massager
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