Nurbini™ DriveGuard 5G Stealth Decal


“Invisible to Cameras: The New Era of 5G Driving Decals”

Discover unparalleled privacy on the road and evade speed traps and surveillance with the revolutionary Nurbini™ DriveGuard 5G Stealth Decal. This cutting-edge, easy-to-install decal offers a sleek design and advanced signal jamming technology, transforming your vehicle into a stealthy, untraceable machine. Say goodbye to speeding tickets and impress everyone with your vehicle’s newfound superpower, keeping you ahead in the race of technology.

Jake Thompson, 29, Baltimore, Maryland

“I recently installed this 5G stealth decal on my car, and it’s been a game-changer. I no longer worry about speed cameras or traffic surveillance. My car seems completely invisible to them! It’s easy to install, and the sleek design doesn’t interfere with my car’s aesthetics. Highly recommend for anyone who values their privacy on the road!”

Laura Green, 32, Omaha, Nebraska

“This 5G stealth decal is a must-have for any driver! Since I’ve had it on my vehicle, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in unwanted attention from traffic monitoring systems. It’s like having an invisible shield around my car. Plus, the installation was so straightforward. Definitely worth the investment for peace of mind while driving.” 

Product Features & Highlights:

  • Speed Camera Stealth: Neutralize speed camera signals, making your vehicle almost undetectable. Drive with the assurance of no automated speed fines.

  • Traffic Light Camera Evasion: Sail through traffic lights undetected. The jamming function ensures cameras miss your movements, enabling seamless and relaxed driving.

  • Illegal Parking Sensor Blockade: Block signals from illegal parking sensors, giving you the liberty to park as needed, free from the fear of triggering alerts and avoiding fines.

  • Stealthy Design: Designed to blend in, the decal is compact and integrates smoothly with your car’s interior, offering privacy without sacrificing style.

  • Broad Signal Range: Its jamming capabilities cover a vast array of frequencies, offering all-around protection against various tracking methods and keeping your whereabouts confidential.

  • Effortless Installation: User-friendly and easy to set up, the Nurbini™ DriveGuard 5G Stealth Decal transforms your car into a private sanctuary instantly.


  • Color: Gold/Silver
  • Diameter: 26mm

Package Inclusion:

  • 1/2/4 x Nurbini™ DriveGuard 5G Stealth Decal
Nurbini™ DriveGuard 5G Stealth Decal
Nurbini™ DriveGuard 5G Stealth Decal
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