Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Ball Face Roller

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Have an on-the-go touch-ups anytime, anywhere to combat all unwanted sebums with this oil-absorbing volcanic ball face roller! 

This magical roller ball is packed with various volcanic minerals and porous holes that naturally traps all excess facial oils. Providing excellent absorbing qualities just by rolling the ball across the face for an instant non-greasy, fresh-looking skin finish. Perfect to be used on a cleaned face or with cosmetics on as it can still control sebum without ruining your makeup. No worries as the volcanic ball is removable and washable so it can be reused multiple times without sacrificing hygiene. Suitable to be used even for sensitive, oily skin without causing irritations, redness, itchiness, and other allergic reactions.

The volcanic oil-control roller delivers a spa-like, relaxing massage as it glides along the skin. It helps to boost blood flow and enhances complexion and overall facial skin health. What’s more? This oil-eliminating roller also improves puffiness and unclogs blocked pores to clear out acnes, blackheads, whiteheads, and other impurities. Featuring a light, compact size design that can be stashed into bags, pouches, wallets, beauty kits, or pockets without taking up space. Making it an ideal go-to touch-up tool to freshen up and keep a stunning matte-like skin appearance anytime, anywhere.

Keep your oil slick face gorgeously shine-free in just a roll using this oil-absorbing volcanic ball face roller!


  • Excellent Oil Control
    A handheld oil combatting beauty product that comes with superior absorbing qualities to eliminate all excess facial sebum in just an easy roll. Allowing it to successfully keep your skin naturally fresh and non-greasy for an instant mattifying finish look. No worries as it can be used on a clean face and even with cosmetics on without ruining or messing up your makeup. Simply glide the face roller over your facial T-zone, and other oily areas that you want to blot away, and you’re good to go!

Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Ball Face Roller

  • Multiple Facial Skin Benefits
    Produces a highly relaxing massage-like action as it gently glides the skin. It encourages an improved facial blood circulation which in turn leaves you with a brighter, healthier complexion, and a nice flush. This volcanic roller even promotes lymphatic drainage which reduces face puffiness and minor inflammations. Furthermore, it not only lifts oil out, but also helps in cleaning out clogged dirt and impurities. Minimizing enlarged pores and treating acnes, whiteheads, blackheads, and other facial problems.
  • Washable and Reusable
    Features an easy unlocking design to remove the absorbing ball out. You just have to twist the facial roller’s ring then pull out the ball so you can deeply wash it clean with water. It can be confidently reused anytime without sacrificing hygiene to prevent nasty buildups and worse pimple breakouts. No worries as it won’t decrease its oil-absorbing performance even when reused and rinsed multiple times! Making it an ideal oil eliminating beauty tool without the waste and inconvenience of blotting paper.
  • Portable Design
    Constructed with a conveniently lightweight and compact structure for better portability. It can neatly fit through bags, pouches, wallets, makeup kits, pockets, and such without taking up too much space. The perfect on-the-go oil control roller for a refreshing, shine-free finish look anytime, anywhere. Suitable when you’re on work, travel, commute, date, vacation, business trips, photoshoots, parties, and more possibilities.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, eco-friendly volcanic stone with multiple beneficial minerals and trace elements. All consisting materials are completely skin-friendly and don’t harbor and spread pore-clogging bacteria. It can be used to control oil even for those with sensitive skin types without causing irritations, redness, itchiness, and allergic reactions.

Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Ball Face Roller


  • Material: Volcanic stone
  • Size: 3 x 8cm
  • Color: Pink / White / Black


  • 1 x Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Ball Face Roller

Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Ball Face Roller

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Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Ball Face Roller
Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Ball Face Roller
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