OLVERAN – Natural essential oil


OLVERAN – The key password of Natural Bath Oil

OLVERAN - Natural essential oil

Grapefruit essential oildrainage and swelling — can stimulate the lymphatic system to speed up detoxification, while nourishing cells and tissues. Eliminate body edema and effectively improve skin inflammation. Fat burning and slimming—stimulate bile secretion, accelerate fat digestion, and prevent fat accumulation. Suppress excess appetite – the smell of grape essential oil can suppress the body’s desire for sweets.

Lavender essential oil:Lavender essential oil is extracted from lavender. It can clear away heat and detoxify, clean the skin, control oil content, remove freckles, whiten skin, remove wrinkles and rejuvenate skin, and promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues. It has skin care functions such as eliminating skin inflammation and repairing scarsefficient. Lavender essential oil also has a calming effect on the heart, can reduce high blood pressure, calm heart palpitations, and is very helpful for insomnia

Siberian fir essential oil: 1. Fir essential oil contains α-pinene (α-pinene), β-caryophyllene (β-caryophyllene) and humulene (α-humulene), which have high antibacterial properties against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus Active, can reduce the number of bacteria that cause body odor for a fresh forest fragrance.

2.Fir essential oil contains active compounds that can stimulate the body to remove toxins. Due to the cleansing properties of fir essential oil and its ability to scavenge free radicals and bacteria, it can help the body detoxify the body and has a miraculous effect on treating body edema. 3. According to research published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, fir essential oil can be very helpful for respiratory ailments that accompany the common cold or flu.

Lemon essential oil: With unique compound components can accelerate the human circulatory systemincrease the activity of red blood cells to ensure the smooth circulation of blood. At the same time repair the damaged venous membrane flap and reduce the pressure of varicose veins, play a role in the treatment of varicose veins.

1.Burn fat to lose weight

The essential oil contained in grapefruit can stimulate the lymphatic system to accelerate detoxification, stimulate biliary secretion, accelerate fat digestion and prevent fat accumulation. The scent of grapefruit essential oil can suppress the body’s excess appetite. Achieve the purpose of losing weight.

2.Elimination of edema

OLVERAN - Natural essential oil
The Siberian firs oil contains active compounds that stimulate the body to eliminate toxins. At the same time balance cell osmotic pressure, reduce the generation of fluid accumulation. By stimulating the circulation of the lymphatic system, the fluid is carried out of the body. Thus achieving the effect of eliminating edema.
3.Relieve varicose veins
Lemon essential oil can accelerate blood circulation, increase the activity of red blood cells, ensure blood circulation. At the same time, it can repair the main cause of human varicose veins, the damage of the venous membrane flap, and reduce the nearby pressure, so as to treat varicose veins.

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OLVERAN - Natural essential oil

A graduate of Weill Cornell Medical College, Dr. Brengman completed a five-year residency at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and a one-year research fellowship at Johns Hopkins University. He also received his Master’s degree in Health Administration, summa cum laude, from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2018. For more than 25 years, he has focused on obesity, edema, and varicose veins, problems that affect tens of millions of people around the world, according to more than a decade of social research data.

“I have seen many similar products, and OLVERAN – Natural essential oil is a product that works well. More acceptable than current treatments for these problems such as liposuction and minimally invasive surgery. I spent six months researching the effects of its all-natural ingredients. Grapefruit essential oil can stimulate the lymphatic system to accelerate detoxification, stimulate biliary secretion, accelerate lipolysis and eliminate toxins from the body to prevent fat accumulation. At the same time, the scent of grape essential oil can inhibit excess appetite and reduce caloric intake. Help people solve the problem of obesity in three ways. Lavender essential oil, Siberian fir essential oil and lemon essential oil inhibit the growth of bacteria on the body surface, accelerate blood circulation throughout the body, reduce venous pressure, repair damaged vascular membrane flap, and treat edema and varicose veins in all aspects. It can also treat skin inflammation. I have recommended it to more than 3,000 of my patients and it has really helped them with their problems
.” – Dr. Matthew Brengman


Why choose OLVERAN – Natural essential oil

  • help detox.
  • promote blood circulation.
  • Repair of damaged venous valves.
  • increase red blood cell activity.
  • Reduce pressure on varicose veins.
  • Inhibit the growth of bacteria and .
  • eliminate skin inflammation. All natural plant extracts to improve sleep quality.
  • Reduce lactic acid and free fatty acids.
  • Aids in lymphatic drainage.
  • Stimulate bile secretion and accelerate fat breakdown.
  • curb excess appetite.
  • Reduce swelling in body parts.
  • Improves swollen lymph nodes.
  • Clears lymphatic congestion from your body. Reduces muscle stiffness and tension.
  • leaving you completely relaxed after a busy day.

OLVERAN - Natural essential oil


  • Package:1 bottle
  • Size: 4.25 Fl Oz(125ml)

Package Includes: 1 x OLVERAN – Natural essential oil

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OLVERAN – Natural essential oil
OLVERAN – Natural essential oil
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