OptiSight Herbal Eye Patch

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OptiSight Herbal Eye Patch


Solve blurred vision and No more tired eyes!

OptiSight Herbal Eye Patch is specifically designed to help relieve  eyestrain, dried eyes, tired eyes and puffiness eyes.

Formulated by natural ingredients, including wormwood, bamboo and sour white, which would stimulate the main acupuncture points around the eyes and solve general eye diseases effectively after each application.

Reduce the appearance of under eye puffiness. Help provide relief for dry eyes, visual fatigue caused by excessive blue light and screen time, stress, and environmental stressors.

Relief for dark circles and eye bags caused by lack of sleep, poor lifestyle habits, stress, and environmental stressors.

Rebuild your vision by natural herbal. Provide cures for almost any eyes problem and it certainly has extracts of plants that can help cure your eyesight problems. Non-sticky and breathable materials that will not cause any uncomforted feel. Great for healing eye strain and can also do wonders as a nerve relaxer.
  • Use after cleansing your face. Peel off the protective film before apply.
  • Apply OptiSight Herbal Eye Patch for 15-30mins, remove it and massage gently before.


  • Ingredients:
    Wormwood, Amur corktree bark, Prunella vulgaris, Tree peony, Concha Haliotidis, Chrysanthemum indicum and Salvia miltiorrhiza.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Box x OptiSight Herbal EyePatch (Set of 10 pcs)