Original MY Pheromonie

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Original MY Pheromonie

Once you get Pheromonie you wont stop!

Pheromonie has been going crazy viral these past months, and the results explain why. With scents that have been scientifically engineered to make a difference, wearing Pheromonie can change everything!

Original MY Pheromonie™️


More Attention 😍

😍Pheromonie includes proven agents, which increases the attraction from the opposite gender!

‎ Smell Like Heaven
💅- Crafted from yuzu with juicy pomegranate, has scents of peony, lotus, and many more!

‎ Increased Potential
✨ -Look good, feel good, and go into 2022 with a new and improved you!

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Original MY Pheromonie
Original MY Pheromonie