Ourlyard™ Anxiety Relief Patch Pro


Our Ourlyard™ Anxiety Relief Patch Pro contain natural ingredients such as frankincense, mint, camphor, chamomile extract, lemongrass oil, offering properties like invigoration, relaxation, soothing, and anti-anxiety effects. Additionally, we’ve included small amounts of commonly used medications for anxiety – alprazolam and propranolol – for better relief. Clinically proven to have no side effect due to their low dosage, our patches provide a safer and more effective solution to alleviate anxiety symptoms.

Our patches employ a transdermal delivery system, allowing the ingredients to be absorbed directly through the skin into your bloodstream and transmitted to the brain. This sustained release of medication prolongs its effectiveness on the skin, providing symptom relief. Unlike traditional anti-anxiety medications, Ourlyard™ Anxiety Relief Patch Pro has no side effects or addictive properties.

Ourlyard™ Anxiety Relief Patch Pro has the following product features:

Application Instructions:

  1. Clean and dry the application area.
  2. Remove the protective backing from the patch.
  3. Firmly apply it to clean, dry skin, such as behind the ear.
  4. Use for a maximum of 24 hours.
  5. Repeat as needed.


  • Type: Medical-grade patch
  • Color: Brown
  • Target Audience: Individuals aged 14 and above
  • Net Content: 36 patches per box
Ourlyard™ Anxiety Relief Patch Pro
Ourlyard™ Anxiety Relief Patch Pro
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