Oveallgo™ Eternal Love ULTRA Elixir Eau De Toilette


Oveallgo™ Eternal Love ULTRA Elixir Eau De Toilette

A pheromone is a chemical that an animal produces which changes the behavior of another animal of the same species. Some describe pheromones as behavior-altering agents. Many people do not know that pheromones trigger other behaviors in the animal of the same species, apart from sexual behavior.Pheromones are substances which are secreted to the outside by an individual and received by a second individual of the same species. pheromones can be detected by the olfactory system although humans under develop and underrate their smelling sense. Pheromones may be present in all bodily secretions but most attention has been geared toward axillary sweat which contains the odorous 16-androstenes.

Fragrance that boosts your attractiveness perfectly

Oveallgo™ Eternal Love ULTRA Elixir Eau De Toilette

Employing a specially tailored fragrance blend and cutting-edge ion binding technology, Oveallgo™ presents the Eternal Love Elixir Eau De Toilette, unveiling an exclusive scent that reacts to your natural hair aroma or perspiration, resulting in an enchanting and alluring fragrance. The instinctual inclination to breathe in the scent of your hair while embracing your partner might be linked to pheromones, as these natural chemical messengers significantly influence partner attraction and are commonly released through the scalp.

Why is Eternal Love Elixir so powerful?

Exploring the realm of attraction can be quite complex, leaving many wondering about the reasons behind their preferences for certain individuals. If you find yourself seeking answers, rest assured that you’re not alone in this journey. Enter Oveallgo™ Eternal Love Elixir Eau De Toilette Intense, a product designed to unravel the mysteries of your pheromonal attractions and genuine desires. This remarkable elixir is discreetly delightful and incredibly effective, facilitating personal growth in the realms of values, dating, and friendships.

Allow the Eternal Love Elixir to empower you, boosting your self-confidence and opening your mind to new possibilities, enhancing communication and understanding within your existing or potential relationships. It’s not always about attracting something new; sometimes, it’s about igniting the spark of passion in the familiar confines of your own home. With this extraordinary Eau De Toilette Intense, discover the keys to a more profound connection with yourself and others, embracing your true nature and desires without even realizing it.

Oveallgo™ Eternal Love ULTRA Elixir Eau De Toilette

Layers of Notes

The perfume opens with a refreshing burst of citrus and fruits, enveloping you in a lively and invigorating aura. As it settles, a delicate and alluring floral bouquet emerges, creating a captivating and romantic ambiance. The fragrance feels comforting and velvety on the skin, with a warm and sensuous embrace that lingers throughout the day. It exudes an air of sophistication and elegance, leaving a lasting impression that enchants and intrigues all who encounter it.

Top Note: Lemon, Pear, Citrus, Strawberry

In the top note layer of this exquisite perfume, you’ll be greeted by a burst of freshness and vibrancy. The invigorating scent of lemon dominates, instantly awakening your senses with its zesty and uplifting aroma. Accompanying the lemon are delightful hints of juicy pear and a burst of citrus, adding a touch of sweetness and tanginess to the mix. The fragrance is then further enhanced with the subtle allure of ripe strawberries, lending a luscious and fruity undertone to the top layer. This combination creates an initial impression that is both refreshing and tantalising, setting the stage for the olfactory journey ahead.

Middle Note: Peony, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Mandala

As you venture into the middle note layer of the perfume, a bouquet of exquisite florals gracefully unfolds. The enchanting and delicate scent of peony takes center stage, exuding a romantic and feminine charm that captivates the senses. Alongside the peony, the allure of jasmine gracefully weaves in, infusing the fragrance with its heady, floral richness. The gentle sweetness of orange blossom then emerges, adding a soft and comforting touch to the heart of the perfume. Completing this captivating floral medley is the intriguing aroma of mandala, adding a unique and exotic twist to the composition. Together, these middle notes create a harmonious symphony of floral elegance that envelops you in a sensuous and alluring embrace.

Base Note: Cedar, Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla

Finally, the base note layer of this perfume leaves a lasting impression that lingers on the skin and in the memory. The warmth of cedarwood comes to the forefront, exuding a woody and earthy essence that anchors the fragrance with sophistication and depth. Merged with the cedarwood, the sensuality of musk emerges, adding a velvety smoothness that enhances the overall allure. The unmistakable earthiness of patchouli then adds an exotic and mystical quality, infusing the perfume with an air of intrigue. And finally, a touch of vanilla wraps it all together, providing a sweet and comforting finish that brings a sense of balance to the composition. The base note layer harmoniously complements the preceding layers, leaving a mesmerizing and unforgettable trail that lingers in the air long after the wearer has departed.

What Makes Eternal Love Eternal Love Elixir special?

Made with a unique blend of the most sensual and provocative scents. It’s a mix of pheromones that will have you turning heads and getting noticed wherever you go. This  perfume is crafted  in a convenient stick and matte form that makes it easy to apply on the go. The smell lasts for hours and hours (even through showers!).  Absolutely perfect for any occasion, made to be worn as a solid perfume, so you won’t have to worry about it getting all over your clothes or sheets.

  • Improves Your Interpersonal Relationships
  • Enhance Your Natural Pheromone Production Elevates Confidence & Romantic Relationships
  • An Uplifting & Timeless Fragrance
  • Extra Strength Concentration Of Human Grade Pheromones
  • Silky Smooth, Moisturizing Blend To Increase
  • Pheromones Absorption
  • Enhance Your Own Pheromones With This Fragranced Attractant

Oveallgo™ Eternal Love ULTRA Elixir Eau De Toilette


  • Ingredient: Lemon, Pear, Citrus, Strawberry, Peony, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Mandala, Cedar, Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla

Package Included:

  • 1 x Oveallgo™ Eternal Love ULTRA Elixir Eau De Toilette

Oveallgo™ Eternal Love ULTRA Elixir Eau De Toilette

Oveallgo™ Eternal Love ULTRA Elixir Eau De Toilette (Pheromon-Infusion)
Oveallgo™ Eternal Love ULTRA Elixir Eau De Toilette
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