Overnight Slimming Compression Socks

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Overnight Slimming Compression Socks

Combine Comfort and Toning with Our Overnight Slimming Compression Socks. It effortlessly reshapes and brings back your legs and thighs in the perfect slim state while in sleep!This Compression sock adopts photoelectric technologyeffective in relieving legs from swelling while giving an intense calorie-burning without working out hard!It also provides an optimal pressure distribution system that helps to prevent or stop the progression of venous disorders such as edemathrombosis, and phlebitis.


  • 3 level compression design: Controls at 21hPa > 16hPa > 11hPa with main support to the thigh, knee, ankle area
  • Comfortable: Extra soft, lightweight, stretchy, and breathable for overnight wearing
  • No odor: Absorbs more moisture that protects your feet against odors.
  • Durable: anti-hook and anti-pile long-wearing fabric
  • 3x faster calories burning without hitting the gym hard
  • The open-toe design: Helps facilitate the easy escape of body heat


  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black, Lavender
  • Length: 75cm/29.53″ (Approx.)
  • Size: One size fits all


1 x Overnight Slimming CompressionSocks

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