PediPro CornRemoval StrengthenGel


PediPro CornRemoval StrengthenGel

Here are some of the comments from our satisfied and verified customers who have tried our PediPro CornRemoval StrengthenGel.

Corn Removal Surgery
“I suffered from cramping and blisters on my feet. Then, I heard about a gel from one of my friends. I tried it for a week and all of my corns, calluses, and blisters were gone as if they never existed! This product is amazing!” .”—Sunshine Roberts—45, New York, New York
Callous & Corns On Feet: Similarities To Blisters - Blister Prevention
“I was working and walking around a lot, which irritated my feet. I found this gel and bought it, then applied it to my feet. After 3 days, the irritation stopped and my foot corns started to fade and dry. On day 5 skin started to peel, and exactly a week later, all my corn and calluses are completely gone!” !”—Georgina Williams—53, Phoenix, Arizona

Powerful Key Ingredients of PediPro CornRemoval StrengthenGel

  1. Sophora Flavescens
  2. Saffrons
  3. Impatiens
  4. Cnidium

The root of Sophora Flavescens, known as Ku Shen, contains a variety of marine alkaloids that are effective in restoring skin elasticity and firmness. Because it treats eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rosacea due to damp heat and wind issues, which adds itchy skin into the equation, Sophora root benefits the complexion and is useful for those suffering from these ailments.

The acids and nutrients in saffron are powerful enough to neutralize the infection caused by the corn. They will soften the hard skin and slowly flake off the dead skin cells.

Impatiens promote quick healing of skin ailments such as corns and calluses. Its natural antioxidants fight fungal and bacterial infections, and it treats corn from the root.

Cnidium is an exfoliating agent that helps slough off dead skin cells. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which prevent infections.

Understanding Corn & Calluses

Corns and calluses are thickened patches of skin caused by pressure or friction on the feet. Corns develop on the top or side of the toes and are caused by bad-fitting shoes. Calluses result from pressure on the hands or soles of the feet, and they can develop into a painful type of skin cancer.

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Symptoms may include:

  • Skin is thick and hardened.
  • The skin may be flaky and dry.
  • Hardened, thick skin areas are found on hands, feet, or other areas that may be rubbed or pressed.
  • The affected areas can be painful and may bleed.

Don't be a callus hater. Be a lover. - SandBar Hand Care

How do PediPro CornRemoval StrengthenGel works?

When applied to the skin, it increases moisture and dissolves the substance that causes cells to stick together keratin. This makes it easier to shed skin cells. The acid works by dissolving keratin, which is the protein that makes up the majority of corns and calluses.

PediPro CornRemoval StrengthenGel PediPro CornRemoval StrengthenGel

Highlights & Benefits

  • Help in the removal of corn and the relief of your pain Painless & Safe
  • Eliminate rough and uncomfortable calluses from feet
  • Solve multiple skin problems
  • Quick & effective results
  • Natural Herbal Ingredients
  • Natural, non-toxic, harmless ingredients
  • Reduce the pain and pressure

PediPro CornRemoval StrengthenGel

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PediPro CornRemoval StrengthenGel
PediPro CornRemoval StrengthenGel
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