Pet Care Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets


Pet foot problems, Solved here!

Pet Care™ Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets

Can kill 98.99% of foot bacteria and fungi. Acting on the molecular level, it can quickly eliminate foot odor, moisturize the paw pads, relieve dryness, remove allergies, itching, redness, treat interdactylitis, interphalangeal cysts and infections caused by fungi and bacteria, and accelerate wound healing. USDA certified, 100% natural and safe ingredients, no fear of pets licking. The mild and effective plant formula will not cause any irritation to pets. The fresh plant fragrance will bring you and your pet a comfortable use experience.

The following are some pet owners’ sharing

First, let me talk about my dog’s situation. My dog ​​is Max, an 8 month old golden retriever. Recently, I’ve noticed that he’s licking his toes a lot and walking with a slight limp. I looked at his feet and noticed some signs of swelling and inflammation. I took him to the vet right away and was diagnosed with an interdigital cyst. The veterinarian told me this is a very common problem and usually resolves with surgery or medication. However, the surgery was expensive and the medications took a long time, which led me to look for other treatments.After some searching and consulting, I came across a product called “Pet Care Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam”. This is a problematic pet spray made with natural botanicals that provided quick relief from my dog’s interdigital cyst symptoms. I decided to give this spray a try, so I ordered a bottle online and started using it on my dog.Using this spray is as easy as pointing the spray bottle at your dog’s interdigital cyst and spraying. I use it twice a day, morning and night. After using this spray, I have noticed a significant improvement in the condition of my dog’s feet. The swelling and pain have reduced a lot and he has stopped licking his toes. Two weeks later, the interphalangeal cyst was completely gone! it makes me very happy.
Pet Care™ Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets
——Bang Perth—CHICAGO ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My dog has always been very active and loves to run around outdoors. However, in the last few weeks, I noticed that his paw pads were becoming dry and sore. I became concerned about his health and tried many different ways to treat his paw pads, including using moisturizers and ointments, but nothing worked. When I was about to lose faith, I happened to hear about Pet Care Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets, a spray that quickly penetrates into your dog’s skin and coat to provide essential moisture and nutrients to dry, cracked paw pads. It sounded amazing, so I decided to give it a try. I purchased this spray and began using it as directed. After the first application, I didn’t see much of a difference, but on the second day, my dog’s paw pads began to soften and bounce. Two days later, his paw pads were back to their usual soft state and the pain was much less. I continued to use this spray twice a day. Within two weeks, my dog’s paw pads had completely recovered and became soft, supple and healthy. I never saw him lick his paw pads or feel pain again. This spray treatment really is magic stuff! And it also has antiseptic and insect repellent effects to stop the itching. If your dog has dry and cracked paw pads, I highly recommend you try this spray treatment.

Pet Care™ Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets

The Importance of Pet Foot Care

  1. As the part most exposed to the external environment, paws have the highest frequency of contact with various bacteria and fungi, and the risk of infection is the greatest.
  2. Once there is a problem with the pet’s paws (fungus, bacteria, ticks, ringworm infection, it is very easy to cause systemic infection, pay attention to it and treat it in time to reduce the damage to the pet)
  3. The pet’s foot pad is very easy to be traumatized, once found care If the treatment is not timely, the infection will aggravate, and it is easy to leave permanent disabilities on the pet.

What can our products do for your pet

  • Eliminate fungi, bacteria, and inhibit tick parasites,Moisturize your pet’s feet.
Pet Care Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets is an effective treatment for eliminating fungus and bacteria and providing moisture to paw pads. The principle of this spray is based on the interaction of several ingredients. First, the antibacterial ingredients contained in the product kill bacteria and fungi. These ingredients inhibit the division of bacteria and fungi, causing them to die. Second, the ingredients in the product protect and moisturize the paw pads. They are able to penetrate the surface of the paw pad, forming a protective film. This film reduces dryness and abrasion damage to the paw pads and makes them softer and more comfortable. Finally, other ingredients in the product can also provide antioxidant and calming benefits to the paw pads. These ingredients reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, which can help reduce discomfort and pain in the paw pads.
  • Anti-inflammatory and detoxification, relieve abscess, accelerate wound healing

Pet Care™ Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets

A gentle and effective ratio of ingredients to help your pet heal without side effects. It effectively eliminates inflammation, stimulates capillary dilation and regeneration, eliminates waste cells and toxins through blood circulation, and accelerates cell division to speed tissue recovery. Most importantly, the ingredients in our Pet Care Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets penetrate into the wound tissue. Pet Care Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets works more quickly and directly than oral medications, and does not unnecessarily burden pets.

  • Relieve itching and soothe pets

Pets scratching, licking and rubbing the affected area is usually a major headache for pet owners. Pet Care Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets contains ingredients that penetrate deep into the pet’s skin and act on sensory nerves to relieve itching, allergies and wound healing, and soothe the pet. It is also effective in relieving itchiness, allergies and wound healing, and in calming pets.

That’s why we created Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets. Key Solutions for Pet Foot Problems

Honeysuckle extract:Honeysuckle can promote lymphocyte transformation, enhance the phagocytosis function of white blood cells, honeysuckle can promote the release of adrenocortical hormone, and has obvious inhibitory effect on inflammation. Can help treat various problems caused by pets, foot fungus, bacterial infections and tick bites.

Aloe vera:This is a commonly used plant extract that has anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing properties. It can relieve itchiness and redness of your pet’s skin. At the same time, calcium isocitrate in aloe vera promotes blood circulation, repairs and dilates capillaries, makes blood circulation smooth, reduces cholesterol, reduces the burden on the heart, maintains normal blood pressure and eliminates “toxins” in the blood. Help your pet speed up wound healing. At the same time, aloe extract can improve the skin immunity of pets and prevent pets from foot diseases.

Yucca extract:Yucca extract can help your pet get rid of odors on your feet. Due to the undeveloped sweat glands of pets, the sole of the foot is the main place to sweat. Plus the pet’s feet are the most relief from exposure to the outside world, which is easy to get dirty. The active ingredient in Yucca extract not only breaks down odor factors at the molecular level, but also dissolves dirt.
Ethyl cinnamate:This is a natural extract from cinnamon bark that has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It can relieve your pet’s itchy and painful skin. It can penetrate the dermis and act on sensory nerves to relieve itching and pain in pets.
Organic shea butter:Moisturizing without clogging skin pores, it helps keep your pet’s skin moist, nourishing, and soothing. Provide moisture for the skin and deeply moisturize the pet’s sole. Help improve pet paw pad dry, cracked, scab, hardening and other problems.

Antimicrobial Peptides:Its core components are mainly prokaryotes, plants or animals secreted lactic acid bacteria antibacterial peptides fermentation extracts. Research found that antibacterial peptides can inhibit more than 99% of white streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and other effective, to help pets kill plantar bacteria and fungi. At the same time, it can produce great inhibition effect on ticks, and has certain repellent effect.

Absolute authority and absolute security

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After 3 years of scientific research and experiments, a professional pet medical research team (St. Joseph R&D Center) combined a variety of natural active ingredients to develop this antibacterial treatment spray. Combining therapeutic ingredients and repairing ingredients, it can treat pet common skin diseases, wound inflammation, skin allergies, bacterial and fungal infections and other problems.

Pet Care™ Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets

“First of all, judging from the ingredients of this antibacterial treatment spray, they are all harmless and non-irritating. Compared with the medicines and means we usually treat pets. The benefits of this antibacterial wipes are obvious. It has a wide range of applications, is basically non-irritating, is more acceptable to pets, and has obvious effects. Normal use can effectively prevent and treat related diseases. In my 10+ year career dealing with pet issues, this product and how it’s been handled has worked extremely well. When I treat my pets, I recommend these antimicrobial treatment sprays to their owners. The general life span of pets is relatively short, through daily use and protection to help pets reduce the probability of pain and disease. this is very important.”

———DR.Jason coe(American Veterinary Medical Association certified physician)

Package Includes: 1x Pet Care Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets

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Pet Care Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets
Pet Care Antibacterial Foot Cleansing Foam for pets
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