Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs


Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs
Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

Bring the best care to your pet friends!

Over 10 million pets suffer or are suffering from dermatitis, ringworm, pimples, erythema, ear mites, interdigital infections, severe tear stains and more each year. Today, the Antiseptic spray we have developed have undergone tens of thousands of clinical trials. More than 6 million pet owners have given satisfactory evaluations, confirming that it can indeed effectively kill bacteria and mites, reduce inflammation and swelling, accelerate wound healing, promote hair growth, and relieve joint inflammation, reduce pet body odor and help pets maintain body hygiene.

Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

The following are some pet owners to sharePet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

My dog ​​Caesar probably got a fungal or bacterial infection or something from playing at the park. This started to cause red spots and bumps on his back causing itching, constant scratching and gnawing of the area on that side. This makes it worse and I’m worried. I painted an Elizabethan circle on Caesar and put some medicine on it. But Caesar gets agitated with itching and pain. The therapeutic effect is not obvious. I saw this antibacterial treatment spray online and bought it to try it out. I sprayed it on all the affected areas on his back and he seemed to like it. Its mood gradually relaxed. I tried removing the Elizabeth ring and it stopped grabbing itself. This change made our whole family happy. In this way, I use this antibacterial spray to treat it every morning and night. After 2 weeks, the dermatitis site basically scabbed and recovered. After 3 weeks, his skin was fully restored and even looked better than before. The benefits of these antimicrobial treatment sprays don’t stop there, I think every pet owner should have this one, you won’t be disappointed!
Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

——Bang Perth—CHICAGO ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

This is such a blessing, if I hadn’t seen a change in my dog, I wouldn’t have known the antibacterial treatment spray was so effective! My dog ​​always loves to play outside with some stray dogs, often into some sewers etc. . Every time I come back, I have to clean it well, but I don’t know that this also leaves hidden dangers. I keep forgetting to wipe the water out of his ears! All the germs come from other dogs and those dirty places outside, I’ve been seeing him clawing at his head and ears a while ago and when I checked, I Disgusting to see the filth! It’s already inflamed. This antibacterial treatment spray comes at just the right time. In just one week, I saw a very noticeable change, the pus in it slowly dissipated and the gunk disappeared. Now, he’s healthy! He doesn’t itch at all. I highly recommend these antibacterial treatment sprays! Great results!

Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

——Can Carini—Maryland⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My dog ​​has severe skin allergies every spring. A blood test revealed he was allergic to pollen. But since there are a lot of flowers where we live, I can only keep it in the attic. We tried many medicines, but none of them relieved its symptoms. This is my sixth time trying this spray and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Unlike other products, it really works! After just one use, it visibly doesn’t feel itchy anymore and doesn’t scratch itself anymore. After 3 weeks of use, its skin allergy symptoms disappeared completely. As long as It don’t run to play with flowers, I won’t have any allergic reactions anymore. Thank you for your product. highly recommended!

Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

——El Cabri—Montana⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My cat has a fungal infection on her feet and a purulent infection on her feet. This makes it very painful, and when I wash the wound with water, it will tremble and make painful noises. After I used this antibacterial treatment spray on it, it didn’t irritate it and relieved its pain and discomfort. It recovered very well. Because of this experience, I pay more attention to the cleanliness of its feet. Every day I use spray to help it clean its paws and pads to avoid the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

——Bertoli Ann—Bavaria Augsburg⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

After 2 years of scientific research and experiments, the professional pet medical research team (St. Joseph R&D Center) combined a variety of natural active ingredients to develop this antibacterial treatment spray. Combining therapeutic ingredients and repairing ingredients, it can treat pet common skin diseases, wound inflammation, skin allergies, bacterial and fungal infections and other problems. Through daily use, to achieve the role of treatment and prevention.

Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

According to the data, the probability of pets suffering from skin diseases in the world reaches 10%, and the probability will increase due to the influence of various factors. Every pet owner should pay attention to this issue. The stubbornness of skin diseases is also the most likely to recur among all pet diseases. Focusing on the problem from the beginning, preventing disease is the real effective way. This product can help your pet solve most of the problems, such as ear mites, ringworm, allergic dermatitis, wound inflammation, fungal infection, hot spots, tear stains, itching caused by mosquito bites and other problems. Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray give your pet the best care!

Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

 What can our products do for your pet

  • Sterilization and removal of mites to avoid recurrence                  
  • Thousands of experiments have shown that the compound composition of this product can effectively inhibit and remove pathogenic bacteria and fungi on pet body surface, while destroying the necessary conditions for the survival of mites and parasites. Its repellent, anti-mite, bactericidal effect exceeds 90% of similar products. At the same time of insect and mite repellent, pet skin will not produce any irritation. This is why it is chosen from many pet owners.
  • Reduce inflammation and detoxify, accelerate wound healing  Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs
    Gentle and effective ingredient ratio to help your pet recover without side effects. It effectively eliminates inflammation, stimulates capillary expansion and regeneration, eliminates waste cells and toxins through blood circulation, and accelerates cell division to accelerate tissue recovery.On top of that, the ingredients in our wipes penetrate the skin layers and work on your pet’s joints to relieve joint inflammation and help your pet get back on the move.
  • Enhance skin immunity, reduce the risk of disease  Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs
      The pet’s skin and mucous membranes are the first important line of immune defense to defend its body. Our products can help pets rebuild a new layer of immune defense on the body surface, blocking most fungi and bacteria. At the same time, it nourishes the pet’s skin and reduces the production of dander. Maintain a good body surface hygiene environment for pets and reduce the chance of disease.
  • Relieve itching and soothe pets
  •                      Pets scratching, licking, and rubbing the affected area are usually the pet owner’s most annoying problems. This will not only affect the treatment, but also increase the pain of the dog, resulting in repeated skin ulcers, inflammation, infection and other problems. The ingredients of antibacterial therapeutic wet wipes can penetrate deep into the skin of pets and act on sensory nerves, effectively relieve itching and discomfort, allergies and wound healing in pets’ affected areas, and soothe pets’ emotions.

Why can our product do this

Antimicrobial Peptides:The American Professional Pet Skin Research Center has discovered a biological antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent – antibacterial peptide in many investigations and studies. Its core component is mainly the fermented extract of lactic acid bacteria antimicrobial peptides secreted by prokaryotes, plants or animals. Studies have found that antimicrobial peptides can inhibit more than 99% of Streptococcus albicans, and are effective against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc. Pathogens such as Burger bacteria lose their biological activity without developing drug resistance. Not only that, antimicrobial peptides have a wide antibacterial spectrum, excellent bactericidal performance, quick effect, and can enhance the immune function of pet skin, with significant anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, moisturizing and repairing effects. Compared with traditional antibiotics, antimicrobial peptides have similar or even better antibacterial properties, but will not cause complete drug resistance, so they are safe, non-toxic, highly effective, and have no side effects.

Aloe vera:Calcium isocitrate in aloe promotes blood circulation, repairs and dilates capillaries, smooths blood circulation, reduces cholesterol levels, reduces heart burden, keeps blood pressure normal, and removes “toxins” in the blood. Help pets speed up wound healing. At the same time, the aloe extract has the effect of improving the immunity of the pet skin, and prevents the pet from contracting skin diseases.

chamomile:Chamomile extract is rich in flavonoid active ingredients, which have anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects. Helps ease pets’ emotions and exerts a calming effect. It can also relieve the sensitivity, itching, pain and other discomfort symptoms caused by pet skin diseases. At the same time, the active ingredients contained in it can relieve skin inflammation, nourish the damaged skin layer of pets, and speed up the repair of damaged skin.

Silver nanoparticles:An antibiotic can kill about 6 kinds of pathogens, while nano-silver ions can kill hundreds of pathogenic microorganisms. At the same time, it also has the same killing effect on antibacterial and drug-resistant bacteria! Because it makes the virus lose its ability to reproduce and produce the next generation of drug resistance, it can effectively avoid the recurrence caused by drug resistance. Another very important role is that nano-silver ions have a powerful deodorizing effect. Works great on pet body odor and other odors!

Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

Absolute authority and absolute security

Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

“First of all, judging from the ingredients of this antibacterial treatment spray, they are all harmless and non-irritating. Compared with the medicines and means we usually treat pets. The benefits of this antibacterial wipes are obvious. It has a wide range of applications, is basically non-irritating, is more acceptable to pets, and has obvious effects. Normal use can effectively prevent and treat related diseases. In my 10+ year career dealing with pet issues, this product and how it’s been handled has worked extremely well. When I treat my pets, I recommend these antimicrobial treatment sprays to their owners. The general life span of pets is relatively short, through daily use and protection to help pets reduce the probability of pain and disease. this is very important.”

———DR.Jason coe(American Veterinary Medical Association certified physician)

Package Includes: 1x Pet Care Antibacterial Treatment Spray for Cats and Dogs

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