Pet pumpkin brush

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Pet pumpkin brush

Our pets’ fur gets tangled and matted easily, especially when they get dirty. In order to get rid of tangles and get healthier hair, you need a special tool to brush them off.

The pumpkin pet grooming brush is definitely the right tool you want. It has been developed taking into account your pet’s well-being to help you take care of its fur.

Self-cleaning pumpkin pet brush - Pet grooming brush - Ozerty


A fine bent wire bristle brush will help groom the undercoat without scratching your pet’s skin. Built-in needle body bent coated with protective sleeve will penetrate deep, brush and remove impurities in a painless way.

Being made of non-toxic, high-quality ABS material, it’s odorless and safe for your pet.


Keep your grooming tool clean by washing it with water and soap or detergent, as it’s made of durable and waterproof materials.

The bristles retract into the brush, making it super easy to remove all the hair from the brush. It’s really simple – you just press the one click clean button and that’s it – your self-cleaning pumpkin pet grooming tool is ready for the next use!

Self-cleaning pumpkin pet brush - Easy to clean - Ozerty


This grooming brush takes care of both your pet’s wellness and your own comfort. It has a built-in comfort-grip and an anti-slip handle, which will prevent hand and wrist strain no matter how long your pet would be brushed! Carry it around with ease, as it fits easily in purses and grooming bags, because of its lightweight and compact design. Everything at hand!

Self-cleaning pumpkin pet brush - Non-slip and compact - Ozerty


The pumpkin pet grooming brush is designed for use on dogs and cats, and both small and big breeds. It can groom your pet’s hair – short, medium, long-haired, thick, thin, curly or a big tangle – processing all kinds of coats thanks to its multi-use design.

In addition, it is the perfect size for use on other pets such as rabbits, ferrets or guinea pigs. You can use the same brush on different pets you have at home without the need of purchasing multiple grooming tools – all in one.

The brush will not only help keeping your pet’s clean, but also it’s really relaxing and improves circulation, which is good for your four-legged friend.

Self-cleaning pumpkin pet brush - Versatile uses - Ozerty

Pet pumpkin brush

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Pet pumpkin brush
Pet pumpkin brush
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