Pheromone Solid Wrist Balm


flysmus™ Pheromone Solid Wrist Balm is a blend of scientifically formulated pheromones designed to enhance charisma and attract the attention of the opposite sex around you. The palette contains a variety of scents, each infused with a harmonious blend of pheromones that work synergistically to increase attraction, boost confidence and promote deeper intimacy.

flysmus™ combines unique fragrances with an advanced ion bonding process to introduce flysmus™ Pheromone Solid Wrist Balm. This balm creates a unique scent that interacts with your own hair scent and sweat, resulting in a lovely scent. The instinctive desire to breathe in the scent of your partner’s hair and the desire to hold hands when you hug your partner may be related to pheromones, as these natural chemical signals play an important role in attraction to the opposite sex.

This is flysmus™ Pheromone Solid Wrist Balm, an innovation designed to demystify your pheromone-based attraction and true desires. This extraordinary specificity exudes a subtle charm and is characterized by its impressive effectiveness in promoting the development of romantic and intimate relationships.

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of flysmus™ Pheromone Solid Wrist Balm, where its enchanting and long-lasting fragrance harmoniously sparks a chemical reaction, awakening your hormonal responses. Experience the delight of the charming and light aroma that satisfies the preferences of many gentlemen for the natural essence of a perfume. As many find strong scents hard to resist, flysmus™ Pheromone Solid Wrist Balm offers a pleasing choice, ensuring that the captivating fragrance enthralls without overpowering, leaving a lasting impression without causing discomfort.

flysmus™ PheromoneSolid Wrist Balm has the following product features:


  • Net content: 3.8g/stick
  • Specifications: flysmus Pheromone Solid Wrist Balm (Set of 1 / 2 / 4)
  • Shelf life: 5 years

Package: 1 x flysmus PheromoneSolid Wrist Balm

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Pheromone Solid Wrist Balm
Pheromone Solid Wrist Balm
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