Pie Crust Wheel Cutter & Decorator Set

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Pie Crust Wheel Cutter & Decorator Set

Pie Crust Wheel Cutter & Decorator Set

Bring fun, creativity, simplicity, and style in your kitchen with these handy pastry set!🌟

Turn your pastries into bakery-worthy confections by choosing the right decorating tools to use. The Decorating Plunger and Pastry Wheel Cutter Set will help you make beautiful fondant decorations and perfectly sealed crusts like a PRO!

The cutter helps you to achieve the perfect lattice design for your pies and evenly made lattice strips for your ravioli while the plunger allows you to create beautiful and authentic looking details for your cake. Both are designed to be easily used and providing amazing results in an instant.


  • The cutters will imprint beautifully made decorations to your cake
  • The pastry wheel cutter will help you easily seal pie crusts
  • It helps you make impressive pastries every time
  • The wheel cutter can also be used in making lattice strips
  • The plunger makes cutting out pieces very convenient and fast for textured decorations or direct embossing on the cake
  • Allows wonderful designs in gum pastes and fondants
  • Comfortable grip that brings no hassle when using both items
  • Easy to use and clean


Product Type: Pastry Wheel Cutter and Decorating Plunger
Material: BPA-free and FDA-approved ABS plastic
Plunger Size: 1cm = 0.39in
Pastry Wheel Size: 3 x 2 x 4 inches

✨Package Includes✨

Set A – 2 Pastry Wheel Cutter
Set B – 2 Pastry Wheel Cutter and 1 Decorating Plunger Set