Pizza Smart Slider


Pizza Smart Slider

Don’t let a delicious pizza turn into a moment of misfortune!

Smart Sliding Mechanism: With a simple movement, you can lift the pizza with grace and elegance, preventing it from crumpling or precious ingredients from ending up scattered everywhere. This innovative mechanism makes the cooking process simpler and more professional.

Dimensional Versatility: This pizza peel comes in two sizes, 30cm and 35cm in width.Whether you’re making intimate, personal-sized pizzas or large, shared pizzas, this pizza peel will meet all of your cooking needs

 Quality Craftsmanship: The shovel is made from high quality natural materials.Perfect for removing pizzas, cakes, breads, cupcakes or muffin pans from the oven.

FOOD GRADE PP CRAFT: This fruit peel is made of high quality food grade PP material, which is not only lightweight and durable to ensure long-lasting performance, but also prevents potential health hazards caused by mold and mildew growth compared to traditional wooden materials.

Designated Collaborative Supplier for the Top 10 Pizza Brands in the United States from 2020 to 2030


Color: natural wood color
Product size: 50cm*30cm/55cm*35cm
Material: High-Quality Food-Grade PP Material

Product Care Instructions: Hand wash or dishwasher washable
Components Included: Pizza Peel
Item weight: 2.3 pounds

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Pizza Smart Slider
Pizza Smart Slider
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