PLuxe® Teeth Whitening Gel


Removes tartar plaque and other oral problems. Get the confidence you deserve!

PLuxe® Teeth Whitening Gel can thoroughly whiten yellow teeth, remove tartar accumulated on teeth, solve dental plaque, and bring a comprehensive and clean oral experience. Remove bad breath, relieve tooth sensitivity, gum bleeding, etc. Solve tooth sensitivity and gum bleeding, repair gum damage and receding gums.

TLOPA™ Ampoule Toothpaste is dedicated to the safe and non-hazardous solution of oral problems.  TLOPA™ Ampoule Toothpaste Extract is very easy to use. It can be applied directly to a toothbrush for brushing, or to toothpaste for use with any toothpaste. It is easy to apply and evenly distributes on the teeth, easily targeting hard-to-reach areas where tartar may accumulate.

PLuxe® Teeth Whitening Gel has the following product:

  • Package: 1 x PLuxe® Teeth Whitening Gel
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TLOPA Ampoule Toothpaste Removal of tartar and plaque bacteria and various oral problems
PLuxe® Teeth Whitening Gel
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