Pop Up Pirate Board Game


Pop Up Pirate Board Game

A truly fun-filled surprise family game

  • Toys & Games: Pop-Up Pirate is the exciting and nerve-jangling kids game that’s full of swashbuckling surprises for the whole family during family game night
  • Easy Kids Board Games: Pirate Pete is hiding in the barrel! To get him out, players take turns and carefully slip one of the colorful pirate swords into the brown barrel
  • Suspenseful Game Night Games: Which slot will make him pop? If you disturb Pirate Pete in his barrel, he’ll spring out of the top and go flying into the air
  • Strategy Board Games for Kids: No one knows which slot will make Pirate Pete pop up next! Every game features a different slot to make him pop, and the last surviving player wins the game
  • Family Games Everyone Can Play: Pop-Up Pirate is fun for the whole family and is a great board game for for 2-4 boys, girls, land lubbers, and older explorers ages 4 years and up

How to play


  • Pirate Barrel*1
  • Sword*16/24
  • Penalty  Wheel*1
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Pop Up Pirate Board Game
Pop Up Pirate Board Game
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