Portable Folding Cassette Stove


Portable Folding Cassette Stove
Portable Folding Cassette Stove

Stable and Reliable

Our cassette stove is made of large serrated stainless steel material, and the bottom of the legs adopts a non-slip design, which is stable and does not shift. In addition, it has a reliable design – magnetic overpressure protection valve.

When the pressure in the gas storage tank is too high, the gas storage tank will automatically fall off, cut off the gas source and cannot be used.

Auto Ignition and Temperature Control

This cassette stove features an electronic ignition switch and durable rotary control knob. The fire power can be adjusted freely to meet your various cooking needs. And the stove is designed with a vertical fire outlet, which can prevent wind.

High Quality Material

Made of stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Size: 25 x 9 x 10.5 cm (folded)/ 10.8* 3.1* 4.1”(unfolded). Weight: 2.7 lbs. Max Power: 2670W. Note: the bracket connection is a little loose is a normal phenomenon.

Easy To Operate and Carry

The furnace head of the cassette stove can be locked and used after rotating 90°. The operation is very simple, convenient, quick and easy to use. The large area of the tripod can be accommodated in the main body where the cassette cylinder is set. Since it is upright, it saves a lot of storage space. It also comes with a storage bag so you can take it with you when you travel.


(1)Material: Stainless steel, aluminum and brass
(2)Size: 25 x 9 x 10.5 cm(Folded)
27.5 x 8 x 10.5 cm(Unfolded)
(3)Weight: 1.23KG

📦Package Include:

Portable Folding Cassette Stove * 1 PCS

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