Portable Toddler Potty

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Portable Toddler Potty

“We’ve had a larger training toilet for 6 months with absolutely no interest in trying to use the toilet from our toddler. Within a week of getting this colorful little seat, we’re diaper-free until bedtime though. Our 3-year-old loves that his potty can go with us and I love that it’s small and light enough when folded to bring in the diaper bag. It’s the perfect size for the basket under the stroller too. The detached bowl collapses and is easy to clean. Our son even empties it out on his own (with supervision) since the bowl pops out. The fact that the package includes a bunch of liners is just an added bonus. 10/10 would buy again.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Carli Atlakson
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Navigating public restrooms with toddlers can often be a daunting, challenging task, especially during travel or engaging in outdoor activities. The frequent unpredictability of restroom availability and varying standards of cleanliness significantly complicate matters, heightening the stress of finding suitable facilities. This relentless uncertainty often leads to deeply distressing experiences, igniting intense worry and discomfort, overshadowing otherwise enjoyable outings.

Portable folding basin introduces a game-changing solution for on-the-go toilet needs effectively and efficiently. Featuring a uniquely innovative, foldable design and compatibility with easy-to-use disposable drawstring potty liners, it ensures effortless setup and cleanliness, perfect for travel and outdoor use.



 COMPACT DESIGN: Portable folding basin boasts a compact, foldable structure that easily fits into various bags. This ensures effortless portability, offering a practical solution for on-the-go toilet emergencies and maintaining a sense of normalcy during travels or outings.

✅ DISPOSABLE LINERS: Portable folding basin is compatible with disposable drawstring potty liners. These liners facilitate quick, hygienic cleanup, significantly reducing the hassle of dealing with messes and making outdoor adventures or travel more enjoyable.

Portable Travel Potty

✅ ENHANCED STABILITY: Featuring non-slip strips, Portable folding basin provides a stable and secure usage experience. Its safety-centric design renders it perfect for travel and outdoor activities, boosting both security and stability.

✅ EASY-TO-CLEAN: The surface of Portable folding basin is crafted for effortless maintenance, requiring only a quick wipe. This minimizes cleaning time, allowing for more quality family time.


 DURABLE MATERIAL: Constructed from BPA-free and robust materials, Portable Toddler Potty is built to last. This durability ensures a long-term, safe toilet solution while offering a cost-effective, sustainable option for a potty-training journey.


1. Unfold and Set Up: Easily unfold Portable Toddler Potty and lock its legs into place to ensure stability.

2. Attach Liner: Place a disposable drawstring potty liner in the potty. The liners are designed for quick and hygienic disposal.

3. Ready for Use: The potty is now ready for your toddler. It’s ideal for emergency use during outings or in places without restroom facilities.

4. Dispose and Fold: After use, securely tie the drawstring liner and dispose of it responsibly. Then, simply fold the potty back into its compact form for easy storage.

Portable Travel Potty

We understand the challenges of family outings, especially when it involves addressing the bathroom needs of toddlers. Being at a park, far from any sanitary facilities, with a toddler who suddenly declares the need for a bathroom, can quickly turn a pleasant day into a stressful ordeal. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the scarcity of clean and accessible public restrooms is a major source of anxiety for families during outdoor activities.

Portable Toddler Potty is the perfect solution to this widespread problem of on-the-go toilet needs for little ones. Its innovative design offers a hygieniceasy-to-use alternative to public restrooms, ensuring that toddlers have access to a clean potty no matter the location.


Dimensions: 11’’ x 9.5’’ x 5.6’’ when folded.

Material: Durable, BPA-free plastic.

Weight: Lightweight for easy portability.

Load Capacity: Suitable for toddlers up to 50 lbs.

Safety Features: Non-slip strips on the base for stability.

Cleaning: Easy-to-clean surface that requires only a wipe with warm water.


1 X Portable Toddler Potty.

1 X 20-pack of Disposable Drawstring Potty Liners.

1 X Storage Bag for easy carrying and storage.

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Portable Toddler Potty
Portable Toddler Potty
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