Powerball Wrist Trainer


Powerball Wrist Trainer

Fitness buffs are often focused on trimming and toning major muscle groups, but other parts of the body need strengthening too — like the wrists. The Powerball Wrist and Arm Trainer got you covered! Build stronger wrists & more powerful forearms.

Enhance the strength of fingers, wrists, arms (grip strength, wrist strength, arm strength), and enhance the toughness of fingers, wrists, arms and other parts.

The rotation of the left and right hands can improve the balance of the left and right brains, make the fingers, wrists, arms, etc. more flexible, and promote blood Circulation, relax muscles, relieve discomfort, eliminate fatigue, and improve health.


Hand and wrist strength building. This is designed to improve finger, hand, arm, wrist, and even shoulder strength, as well as help rehab those areas impact-free following an injury or surgery in a matter of minutes.

3-minute is all you need. A 3-minute session with the Powerball each day is all most people need to gain a better grip, build endurance and flexibility, and prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Enhances blood flow in the arms. This drives enhanced blood flow right through the arm and is one of the most natural ways possible to rehab and strengthen sore, inflamed muscle, and tendon tissue. You will feel immediate relief from the moment you place a spinning Powerball in your hand.

Easy to use. Hold the ball upside down using only your fingers. Keep your fingers straight and gently make a stirring motion with your hand. This will keep the gyro ball spinning and provide resistance for your finger grip.

Helps to level up your game. Powerball helps develop muscle power and endurance quickly and efficiently, allowing you to hit harder, cycle further, and climb higher. Powerball is the pocket gym that will compliment any training regime.

Small and portable. Put one at your desk. Put one in your gym bag. Take one with you anywhere, and you can spin your way to a healthy lifestyle ANYWHERE!


Material: ABS, Aluminum Alloy
Color: Blue, Purple, Orange, Green
Light Source: LED X 4
Size: 7 x 7 x 5.7cm x 2.75 x 2.75 x 2.24in
Weight: 305g X 10.76oz


1 x Powerball Trainer

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