ProAerobics Latex Full Body Tubes Resistance Bands Workout Kit


Get in shape while staying at home with. It is a resistance band set with which you can get a full-body workout anywhere YOU WANT without buying expensive or bulky equipment. The possibilities for workouts with the are limitless.

Exobands is specially designed to work for any muscle group in the body in countless ways. No more neck and back pain, no more gaining extra weight due to lack of activity, use it every day to improve your posture, strength, and flexibility.

So turn your house into a personal gym with its strength and durability that can last you a lifetime of workouts!ProAerobics Latex Full Body Tubes Resistance Bands Workout Kit


  • Adjustable Weight Resistance
    With different-colored bands with different weights: it offers different strengths and flexibility. Exobands allows adjustable intensity while you work out. You can use a single band or combine two or more bands for increased intensity.
  • Essential Attachments
    Exobands comes with soft foam handles for a comfortable grip, ankle straps for leg, glute, and hipe workouts, and an over-the-door attachment for safe and stable flexing. All these attachments help you to attain your fitness goals at home.
  • Lightweight and Portable
    Exobands™ is light and compact, you can use easily use it anywhere. The set comes with an easy to store bag. You can also take it on the go wherever you are. Whether you are up for a full workout or have just a few spare minutes, it is the perfect workout solution you have been looking for! ProAerobics Latex Full Body Tubes Resistance Bands Workout Kit ProAerobics Latex Full Body Tubes Resistance Bands Workout Kit
  • Multipurpose
    Great for muscle strengthening, muscle toning, fat burning, physical therapy, rehabilitation or just getting a quick workout somewhere. Use it at home, in the gym, in the park, at work, or wherever it’s convenient for you. The ultimate home workout equipment. Workout legs, chest, back, glutes, arms, shoulders, core, and virtually any body part.
  • Premium Quality
    Made with heavy-duty latex rubber. Stainless steel carabiners and Eva foam, Exobands™ ensures sturdiness and durability. Be persistent, get rid of extra calories, boost up your immunity, and maintain your health at the comfort of your home.
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ProAerobics Latex Full Body Tubes Resistance Bands Workout Kit
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