PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream


PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream

PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream promises to erase new scars in as little as 2 weeks and old scars in 4 weeks!

Let’s see what our customers have to say and join the 1,000+ patients who have their scars repaired today

PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream

“I have been using the PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream after my thyroidectomy surgery, and the results have been astounding. This Cream absorbs effortlessly into the skin, keeping it supple and aiding in the reduction of swelling and redness. Additionally, I’ve noticed that daily massage with this Cream has helped soften the dark marks on my leg. The most important thing is the constant itchiness is gone! Thanks to PureSkin™!

-Emily Johnson (28), Los Angeles

“I have tried many products to reduce the stretch marks on my belly, but none of them worked effectively until I tried this PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream. The result is truly amazing! After using it every day for just 3 weeks, I can see a significant reduction in my stretch marks and my skin texture has become smoother. I am really grateful for this product as it has given me back my confidence.”

-Lily Chen (32), New York City

Why and how is scar tissue formed?

Scars form as part of the healing process after your skin has been cut or damaged. The skin repairs itself by growing new tissue that contracts the wound and fills in the gaps left by the injury. Scar tissue is mostly made up of a protein called collagen. Scars come in all shapes and sizes. Scars form when the dermis (deep, thick layer of skin) becomes damaged.

Indented Scars: When the body produces too little glycol, indentations or pits form as the skin heals.

Raised Acne Scars: Sometimes the body produces too much glycol to heal the skin and underlying tissues.

Skin conditions that may initially seem minor, such as acne, can actually injure the dermis and lead to scarring. Therefore, if you desire optimal results in scar recovery, it is essential to promptly apply a repairing product.

Clinically proven that by using our PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream, visibly reduce appearance of scar within 4 weeks.

Efficacy backed by science

Vitamin b12,a 2015 study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology,
Proven effectiveness of vitamin b12 in restoring skin health and promoting collagen synthesis. Research reports show that the application of vitamin B12 can increase the activity of skin cell tissue by 30%, and reduce the secretion of melanin by 50%.

PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream

Vitamin b12 has osmotic properties that help promote cell regeneration and repair damaged tissue. It reduces scar formation and improves existing scars. Vitamin B12 also has moisturizing properties that can relieve itching and discomfort.

PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream reduces the appearance of most types of scars, including surgical scars, burn scars, stretch marks and keloids. Cream forms a breathable layer, increases skin hydration, normalizes collagen synthesis, and balances the skin growth process, leaving your skin looking smooth and even! Clinically proven to remove new scars in just 4 weeks and old scars in 4-8 weeks with PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream!

Recommended by Professional Dermatologists

PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream

Dr. Hannah Smith, 48 (Dermatologist) | Los Angeles

Dr Hannah Smith is renowned for her special expertise in medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatological treatments with the best possible cosmetic results. She is board-certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is frequently featured in magazines and interviewed by the media to discuss the latest developments in dermatology.

Key Ingredients in PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 acts on the subcutaneous tissue to help repair damaged cells and promote collagen synthesis. It reduces the formation of various types of scars and improves skin health for smoother skin

Allantoin Extract:  With its penetrating properties, allantoin can promote cell regeneration and repair damaged tissues.Allantoin also has moisturizing properties that can relieve itching and discomfort.

Cepalin: Cepalin is an onion-derived plant extract that contains a variety of powerful natural compounds, including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and ingredients that promote skin regeneration and repair. It accelerates cell growth and regeneration and is effective in treating all types of scars.

Natural Vitamin E: After skin damage, the body produces excess free radicals and inflammatory reactions that lead to scarring. Vitamin E can neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammatory reactions, promoting scar healing and reducing scarring.

PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream

Aloe Vera: Rich in polysaccharides and flavonoids, aloe vera has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects, while also promoting cell regeneration and tissue repair, helping the skin to return to its normal appearance and texture.

Green tea extract: Helps to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation during the process of scar formation, promotes collagen synthesis, and further helps to restore damaged skin tissues.

Witch Hazel: Has anti-inflammatory and pore-shrinking effects, which can improve the appearance of scars and reduce the formation of hypertrophic scars. It also promotes blood circulation, enhances skin cell metabolism and immune function.


Why PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream is the best choice?

  • Repair scars
  • promote wound healing
  • Repair stretch marks
  • Promotes regeneration of damaged cells
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • promote blood circulation
  • No side effects
  • Can be used both day and night
  • One application is valid
  • Clinical medical research centers have proven its effectiveness.
  • Developed and manufactured in a US FDA registered laboratory.
  • Does not contain any harmful ingredients.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Recommended by dermatologists.

 More customers’ comments on our products

PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream

“When I suffered from burns and was left with terrible scars, I felt uneasy and ashamed. I tried various methods to fade them, but none of them were truly effective. It wasn’t until I discovered PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream online that I started seeing results. I use it three times a day, and it has almost made my scars disappear! I hope more people can know about it and get rid of the trouble of burn scars.”

-Aubree Barry (45), Dallas, Texas

“I had 3 very noticeable scars on my face and couldn’t afford expensive laser treatments. I also tried other products but none had any effect. After using PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream for 2 weeks, I was surprised to find that my face had become smoother and the scars had gradually faded. I feel like my skin is now more delicate and soft than before. And it’s actually something I can afford.”

-Jim(31), Los Angeles

“Oh my gosh I am blown away by how effective this Scar Repair Cream! I had two noticeable scars on my neckbut after using this product for 4 weeks, I already noticed that their appearance was fading significantly.  I’ve also noticed that the skin around the scars feels softer and smoother. What’s even better is that this product is super easy to use and safe –   I have no allergies or medical conditions!  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to fade their scars.”
Cassie Davis
Birmingham, United Kingdom

PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream can remove cesarean section, postoperative, tummy tuck, old scars, keloids, stretch marks, burn scars and more!

PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream

If you’re tired of skincare treatments with multiple purposes, but none that effectively and safely cleanse your skin’s most visible blemishes, our PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream might be just what you need as it moisturizes and Soothes Skin Improves skin by increasing hydration of the stratum corneum (the topmost layer of the skin). This favors the regulation of fibroblast production and reduces collagen production. Essentially, this allows the skin to “breathe”, improving tissue in just a few days.

PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream

How to use

PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream


  • Applicable skin: all skin types
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Type: Cream

Product Includes

  • 1/2/3/5/10 PCS * PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream

 PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream

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PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream
PureSkin™ Vitamin B12 Scar Repair Cream
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