Quick-Dry Pet Robe


Quick-Dry Pet Robe

Quick-Dry Pet Robe

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At-home or on-the-go, the Absorbster Quick-Dry Pet Robe helps dry off furry friends and keep them warm. Wicking water as they wear, the super absorbing fibers cuts down on drying time and protects spaces from damp and dripping pets. With adjustable velcro, ensure a cozy and comfortable fit!


Amazing Absorption

Keep furry ones warm and drip-free as they dry. Designed as a towel made just for pets, the Quick-Dry Pet Robe has amazing absorption to quickly remove water from fur. Save floors and seats from messy wet spots!

Easy, Adjustable Wear

Stop using bath towels and opt for a hands-free drying experience! The Quick-Dry Pet Robe goes on easy with a secure fit. Simply drape across your pet’s back and fasten the adjustable velcro around the collar and under their belly.

Multi-Purpose Use

Drying your furry friends has never been easier. Whether bath time, caught in the rain or a fun day of water play, reach for the convenient Quick-Dry Pet Robe. The lightweight design packs away and stores effortlessly. Perfect for at-home or on-the-go!