Quyxen™ Ciao Ciao Cellulite Kit



Quyxen™ Ciao Ciao Cellulite Kit
Introducing the Ciao Ciao Cups, an exquisite cupping massage ensemble curated to redefine body contours and diminish cellulite. The Ciao Ciao Cups Body Contouring Kit presents a duo of silicone massage cups (available in medium and small sizes to cater to different body areas), a travel-friendly cotton pouch, and an informative guide.Seamless and user-friendly, the Ciao Ciao Cups seamlessly integrate into your routine, whether utilized during your shower time or at your convenience. This uncomplicated tool effortlessly becomes a part of your day-to-day.

In synergy with a balanced diet and physical activity, the Ciao Ciao Cups offer an exceptionally efficient approach to attaining a sleeker and more velvety silhouette, requiring merely a few minutes each day.


💖 Helps restore and smooth the fascia to reduce the look of cellulite

💖 Visibly firms and tones the skin

💖 Helps boost circulation and detoxification

💖 Fights fluid retention for a sleeker, more defined look


Quyxen™ Ciao Ciao Cellulite Kit

Elevate your Ciao Ciao Cups experience to new heights with Contour Smooth. This featherweight, moisturizing body oil serves a dual purpose: not only does it facilitate the seamless movement of the cups across your skin, but it’s also enriched with potent skin-firming components!

A symphony of camellia oil, gotu kola, algae extract, and a blend of juniper, grapefruit, and geranium essential oils collaborate harmoniously. Their collective action aids in purging toxins, enhancing the firmness and tonicity of problematic areas, while leaving your skin irresistibly supple and touchably soft.

Oh, and did we mention the delightful fragrance that accompanies this transformative experience?


💖 Allows Ciao Ciao Cups to glide smoothly over the skin

💖 Lightweight, fast absorbing formula

💖 Packed with skin firming ingredients

💖 Helps eliminate toxins for a smoother, firmer look

💖 Hydrates and nourishes skin for an instant glow


Package Includes: 1 x Quyxen™ Ciao Ciao Cellulite Kit

💖 CIAO CIAO CUPS – Cellulite Cups Set – Silicone cups X 2

💖 CONTOUR SMOOTH – Cellulite Firming Body Oil (1 oz / 30 ml) X 2 Bottles

💖 Travel Pouch

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Quyxen™ Ciao Ciao Cellulite Kit
Quyxen™ Ciao Ciao Cellulite Kit
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