Rearview Mirror Car Phone Holder

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Rearview Mirror Car Phone Holder


Make hands-free calls and navigation without straying your eyes on the road using this 960° rear view mirror phone holder!

This phone holder can grip securely to any car’s rear view mirror to provide you a safe and ideal phone viewing position! Featuring an adjustable clamp that will hold firmly by the sides of your device. Preventing it to slip and fall even when you drive through uneven roads or make fast curves! Furthermore, each fastener supports a silicone pad cushion to protect both your phone and dashboard mirror from any permanent scratches. Simply attach the holder’s opening to your rear view mirror and gently rotate to tighten and done!

It is designed with an exceptional 960° rotation which allows you to position your device to your desired viewing angle. You can make it higher, lower, closer, distant or even rotate for a horizontal or vertical phone display. No worries as it won’t ever obstruct your view on the road! What’s more? This holder can be attached not only for your car’s rear view mirror, but also for car seats, tables, handles, bed, kitchens, and so on!


  • Rear View Mirror Mount
    A car mount holder that cradles your device in an optimum position for an easy phone viewing and safe driving experience! Simply clamp the opening to your car’s rear view mirror and gently rotate to tighten and lock. After that, you can now effortlessly attach or remove your device into the holder anytime so you can hit the road quickly!

  • Powerful Gripping
    This holder effectively grips your phone firmly by the sides and securing it into position even through fast curves and uneven roads! Preventing your device to wobble or to fall onto the car’s floor which causes distractions or incidents. It also supports a silicone pad cushion on each clamp to protect both your phone and dashboard mirror from any scratch.

  • Adjustable Angles
    The car phone holder is designed with a 960° rotation which enables you to position your mobile to your ideal viewing angle! Whether you want it higher, lower, closer or even distant to you! The holder also offers a convenient horizontal and vertical screen switching. Providing you an easy hands-free call or GPS navigation without obstructing your line of view on the road. What’s more? You can also adjust the holder to hide it when it is not being used

  • Universal Compatibility
    This rear view car mount provides a wide range of compatibility that will surely adjust to any mobile and fits like a glove. It will hold onto your device securely whatever model, types or sizes it is.
  • Wide Application
    It works not only for the rear view mirror, but you can also attach it to your car seats, tables, handles, bed, kitchens, living room and more possibilities!

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality ABS and metal material with extreme durability and stability. It does not shake or move even when it is hanging and it can’t be scratched easily. Furthermore, the car phone holder has a simple, yet sleek appearance that is suitable for any car interior.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 5.7″ x 3.2″


  • 1 x Rearview Mirror Car Phone Holder