REBYIPO™ Northern Lights Aurora Projector


A perfect combination of LED technology and algorithms, REBYIPO™ Northern Lights Aurora Projector is a miracle in the making. Several intelligent LED nodes and a highly coordinated method of operation create a natural aurora-like spectacle.

REBYIPO™ Northern Lights Aurora Projector

More than just a product, it’s a meticulous recreation of the Northern Hemisphere’s glow in all its glory. This revolutionary project is so immersive that every encounter with it is like a trip to the Arctic Circle. Get on top of the technology and experience REBYIPO™ Northern Lights Aurora Projector for yourself!

That’s why REBYIPO™ Northern Lights Stimulator is something special

  • Advanced LED technology
  • Realistic simulation of the aurora borealis
  • Adjustable color intensity
  • Adjustable speed and pattern
  • Relaxation and meditation mode
  • Intelligent remote control
  • Seamless integration with the smart home
  • Energy efficient design
  • Multiple lighting nodes for realistic display
  • Compact and elegant design

REBYIPO™ Northern Lights Aurora Projector has the following product features:

How to use:

  1. Charge and Unplug: Charge the REBYIPO™ Northern Lights Stimulator with the included USB cable. Once fully charged, unplug it to enjoy a wireless experience.
  2. Customize your experience: Use the intuitive remote control or integrate it with your smart home system to customize the color intensity, speed and pattern of the aurora display to your liking.
  3. Enjoy the magic anywhere: With its rechargeable design, REBYIPO™ offers the flexibility to bring the magic of the aurora borealis to any corner of your home. Simply place it, turn it on and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing glow.

Product details: REBYIPO™ Northern Lights Aurora Projector

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REBYIPO™ Northern Lights Aurora Projector
REBYIPO™ Northern Lights Aurora Projector