Recovery Closure Enhancing Zipped Up Bandage Patch

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Recovery Closure Enhancing Zipped Up Bandage Patch

Recovery Closure Enhancing Zipped Up Patch

Make recovery faster and better with our zipped up bandage!

Our zipped up closure patch works for all lateral injuries, from surgical openings, regular cuttings, to scrapings and lacerations!

No more stubborn scars, lengthy recovery and even proliferation! Our zipped up patch promotes speedy effective recovery by keeping the opened area tightly shut!

Because you might not always have the proper tools when accidents happen! Our zipper patch requires absolutely zero tools and hassles to tend to your emergency!

Our recovery patch provides you a revolutionary alternative to the conventional stitching! With 8 times stronger holding power and no intrusion, this is easily the best options for a quick healing!

With a middle opening area, our bandage patch let you heal better with a more breathable design for better air circulation!


* For uneven wounds, simply trim the patch to adhere along the opening.

Size: 7*2cm

Material: Non-woven fabric, etc.

Package Included: 10/20/30Pcs*Band Aids