Red Agate Varicoses Relief Anklet


Red Agate Varicoses Relief Anklet


Naturally eliminate the pain from Varicose Veins with the power of Red Agate!

Red Agate Varicoses Relief Anklet infuses the healing power of Red Agate to smooth out enlarged and twisted superficial veins, rebalancing high blood pressure in the leg veins.

Through stimulating natural lymphatic drainage & blood flow, the bracelet reduces the chance of chronic venous insufficiency while strengthening vein walls.

It reduces swelling related to lymphatic blockage, edema & inflamed tissues, avoiding appearance of broken & swollen capillaries. 100% natural, safe & no side effect unlike invasive surgery or medication.


RED AGATE: Utilizes the natural power of purified Red Agate at premium grade to treat varicose veins.
VEIN CLEAR: Heals & vanishes the appearance of twisted & enlarged veins and broken capillaries.
ANTI-SWELLING: Reduces swollen veins and muscles with cleansing & anti-inflammatory properties of Red Agate.
BODY CLEANSING: Facilitates the expulsion of waste fluids and enhances metabolism to cleanse the body & remedy high blood pressure in the leg veins.
IMPROVE CIRCULATION: Accelerates blood circulation & relieves pain and stiffness.
SAFE TO USE: Safe to use on people of all ages or with any allergy history. No harm on body nor side effects.


Material: Premium Red Agate
Size: 8mm


Red Agate VaricosesRelief Anklet x 1