Resmile Pure Herbal Mouth Spray


Resmile Pure Herbal Mouth Spray
Resmile Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

Some submitted photos taken during their journey of using Resmile. Congrats on their successes

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

“Due to years of smoking, my teeth have become yellow and black, and I have severe bad breath, some of my teeth have been necrotic. It makes me look ugly and I’m even afraid to laugh out loud and talk to people. And I brushed my teeth and nothing helped. I started looking for some products and ways to improve it. I’m so glad I found Resmile, I bought 8 bottles, and I saw a noticeable change after the first useThe water colour has turned yellow after I spit it out. There is no doubt about it. It’s effective! And I didn’t feel any discomfort, it smells very refreshing, I like it so much. I continued to use it for 2 weeks and it completely whitened my teeth and got rid of bad breath. After 4 weeks my decayed and broken teeth fell out and by 5 weeks they had new cusps. After 8 weeks of continuous use, my teeth have completed all treatment, all plaque and calculuscaries and bad breath are gone, and the broken teeth have grown back. I am so happy and my teeth look so beautiful. By the way, when I used 2 bottles, my teeth were completely white, and the calculus and bad breath were gone; when I used 4 bottles, my caries were cleaned up; after 8 bottles, I grew a brand new one teeth. Hope this helps you.”– Jaime Hisker

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

“Because I don’t like to brush my teeth very much, the bacteria eat away at my teeth, which makes my teeth slowly deteriorate. The teeth turned yellow, with a thick layer of calculus on them, and the teeth were partially damaged, even atrophied, and there were bad breath and oral ulcers. I started to feel inferior and I regret it so much. I went to the dentist and I was told the only way to save it was a dental restoration. But the high fees put me off the idea and I need to save enough money. I started looking for other methods and products until I saw Resmile on FB. I decided to give it a try and I was amazed at the results the first day I used it, my teeth were visibly whiter and my mouth sores were no longer painful. After 2 weeks, my teeth were completely white and the bad breath was gone. After 4 weeks, I felt my teeth growing back. After 8 weeks, I have a perfect set of teeth. Thank you.” – Sylvia Williams

First and foremost, why are my teeth yellow?

Teeth are the focal point of your smile, and a glowing smile reflects your confidence. When you have yellow teeth, it’s hard to feel confident about yourself. You may feel self-conscious about opening your mouth without being afraid of what people think about you.

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

There are a number of reasons your teeth may be yellow.

  1. The most common cause of yellow teeth is poor oral hygiene. This includes not brushing and flossing regularly, which can lead to plaque buildup and tooth decay.
  2. In addition to poor oral hygiene, some medications can cause discoloration of the teeth. For example, some antibiotics (such as tetracycline) can stain the teeth yellow or brownish-yellow in color.
  3. Some foods can also discolor your teeth. Anything that contains high amounts of sugar or carbohydrates will cause your teeth to darken over time. This includes candy, soft drinks, fruit juices, and other sugary drinks that you consume on a regular basis.
  4. Smoking and Tobacco Use. Tobacco is a leading cause of yellow teeth. When you smoke, the tar build-up from the cigarette seeps into your gums, leaving them stained and discolored.

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

Every day food residues in our mouth could make various kinds of bacteria and microorganisms in the oral cavity multiply in the gaps between the teeth and the inside of the oral cavity. This can lead to a series of oral health issues including bad breath, mouth ulcers, yellow teeth, caries, calculus, inflamed gums, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, brittle or partially missing teeth, swollen gums, toothaches, loose teeth, tooth loss, and even oral cancer.

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

When such condition continue to worsen, you will have bad breath, gum inflammation and other problems. At that time, bacteria are eroding your gums, making your gums prone to bleeding, pain, redness and other problems. When these problems can not get resolved in time, your oral problems will become more serious, and you will suffer from periodontitis, dental plaque, dental calculus, loose teeth, tooth pain and other problems, and even lead to tooth loss.

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

The formation of dental caries is due to the damage of tooth enamel by germs which could gradually spreads to the dentin and even pulp. This can lead to bad breath, tooth pain, brittle teeth, and tooth loss. When caries occurs, there will be a chain reaction in which normal teeth begin to be eroded as germs spread to surrounding teeth.

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

Key facts

  • Oral diseases, while largely preventable, pose a major health burden for many countries and affect people throughout their lifetime, causing pain, discomfort, disfigurement and even death.
  • It is estimated that oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people.
  • Untreated dental caries (tooth decay) in permanent teeth is the most common health condition according to the Global Burden of Disease 2019.
  • Treatment for oral health conditions is expensive and usually not part of universal health coverage (UHC).
  • Most low- and middle-income countries do not have sufficient services available to prevent and treat oral health conditions.
  • Oral diseases are caused by a range of modifiable risk factors common to many noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including sugar consumption, tobacco use, alcohol use and poor hygiene, and their underlying social and commercial determinants.

Get the bright smile you want, anytime, anywhere with Resmile Pure Herbal Mouth Spray.No trays, no strips, no uncomfortable lights, or a trip to the dentist!

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

That’s why we created Resmile. Key solutions for oral problems:

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

Garlic Extractit can kill a variety of pathogenic bacteria, especially for strains resistant to a variety of antibiotics. So it is known as “natural broad-spectrum antibiotics”. It has a certain volatility and can diffuse into the root canal. It can significantly reduce the level of endotoxin in the infected root canal, and its effect is enhanced with the increase of its concentration and time, and it has become one of the research hotspots of new root canal disinfectants.

Galla japonica: it can inhibit the residual anaerobic bacteria in the root canal, significantly inhibit enterococcus faecalis and its adhesion ability, inhibit the activity of early Candida albicans biofilm, and can also block the dentin tubules and reduce the possibility of infection invading the root canal. It can treat caries very well and help teeth recover.

Triphala: With antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and free radical scavenging properties, it can kill streptococcus mutans and inhibit the formation of streptococcus mutans biofilm, so it can effectively remove tooth plaque and effectively protect gingival tissue cells from damage by free radicals.

German chamomile: it works excellently for sensitive skin because it can calm broken capillaries for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. So it’s great for relieving bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity.

Propolis: helps the teeth to resist oxidation, resist the erosion of bacteria and fungi, and the bioactive flavonoids it contains can stimulate the formation of reparative dentin and relieve pulp inflammation. It could effectively stimulate tooth regeneration.

Menthol: helps to relieve pain, prevent the growth of bacteria, inhibit inflammation, relax muscles, and can relieve tooth pain and tooth sensitivity very well.

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

This is not an ordinary mouth spray. Resmile Pure Herbal Mouth Spray features Polyclean technology that could help remove teeth stains caused by multiple causes (coffee, wine, smoking, stubborn stains that have developed over the years) and repair tooth damage. Meanwhile, it can ensures the growth of healthful bacterial colonies. It can thoroughly clean and whiten your teeth by bringing active restorative ingredients into the grooves and crevices of the teeth instead of just giving them white in outer appearance. So you can have 360°perfect big smile. – Dr. Debra Sims says.

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

Resmile Pure Herbal Mouth Spray is the latest product certified by the American Dental Association and recommended by dentists. It can perfectly solve all oral problems, including dental calculus, bad breath, oral ulcers, dental caries, bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, loose teeth, periodontitis, swollen gums, tooth damage, tooth loss, etc. No side effects. Made from 100% natural herbsSuitable for everyone, including children, young people, and the elderly.

What can Resmile do for you?

1. Whitens teeth

Resmile can help you remove dental plaque, calculus, germs, etc., and make your teeth completely white within 1 week, no matter your teeth are yellow or black .

2.Eliminates bad breath

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

Resmile can help you remove the germs that cause bad breath, dental calculus, tonsil stones, tooth decay, etc., completely help you eradicate bad breath, and the added menthol can make your breath more fresh.

3. Relieves and prevents mouth sores

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

Mouth ulcers are usually caused by bacterial erosion, which makes us suffer from pain and prevent us from eating normally. Resmile can help you kill the bacteria in your mouth and heal mouth ulcers.

4.Prevents cavities

Resmile can help you kill bacteria that penetrate deep into the alveolar and root canal, stimulate the restorative formation of dentin, and help repair tooth decay. For severely necrotic cavities, it can stimulate the gums to produce new tooth germs and promote the growth of new teeth.

5.Removes calculus

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

Calculus is calcified dental plaque that inflames the gums, which can lead to bone loss, loose teeth, tooth sensitivity, etc. Resmile can help eliminate dental plaque and remove stubborn calculus attached to teeth, making your teeth white and healthy again.

6.Stimulates the regrowth of lost teeth

Resmile can well stimulate the gum bone to produce epithelial cells and mesenchymal cells, which will form new tooth germs and grow new teeth. It is a perfect solution for accidental tooth loss, tooth loss due to necrosis, and elderly tooth loss. No need to go to the dentist for expensive dentures.

See how BrightSmile Teeth Whitening Essence changed Harper Ball’s life

Harper Ball is a busy businessman who spends his days traveling from one meeting to the next. He knows that in order to be successful,  he has to make a good impression on clients, colleagues, and potential investors—and that means looking his best at all times. However, Harper had yellow teeth as a result of his smoking and coffee-drinking habits. He tried whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, but nothing worked. He was embarrassed by how yellow her smile was and how it made him look less professional than he wanted to be.

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray
Day 7: “I couldn’t even imagine how much better my career would be if I had a bright white smile, so when I heard aboutBrightSmile Teeth Whitening Essence, I decided to give it a try. I used the product every night for one week, and the results were incredible: My teeth were noticeably whiter after just a week! The product was so easy to use—I just applied it before bed each night and woke up with a brighter smile than ever before!

Day 14: BrightSmile Teeth Whitening Essence “completely changed my life.” Now everyone wants to have a deal with me because of how my aura and I know BrightSmile gives me this confidence. I’ll definitely be keeping this product in my bathroom cabinet from now on—it’s perfect for maintaining your whitest smile at home or on-the-go!

Resmile™ Pure Herbal Mouth Spray

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