Retractable Peeling Knife


Retractable Peeling Knife


1. Easy peeling without hurting your hands, without falling off the peel, environmentally friendly and hygienic;

2. Plastic non-slip handle, comfortable hand feeling, double-sided stainless steel blade is convenient for left and right hand use;

3. The blade has a balanced design and strong practicability. It only cuts the vegetable and fruit skins on the surface without waste at all;

4. Not only peeling the fruit skin, but also easily peeling potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, loofah and other fruits and vegetables with skins;

5. Open the lid after peeling, and pour the peel into the trash can.

Retractable Peeling Knife

Retractable Peeling Knife

Product Parameters:

Name: Multifunction Peeler With Rubbish Bin


Color:Random shipments

Material: Stainless steel + ABS plastic

Available: peeling, shaving, shaving of fruits and vegetables

Package Includes:

1Pcs Peeler

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