RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsule


How does RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsule work?

RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsules work by delivering a unique blend of natural ingredients directly to the vagina, where they help to detoxify and nourish the reproductive tract. The capsules are designed to be inserted into the vagina, where they dissolve and release their contents. Once inserted, the ingredients in RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsules begin to work immediately, targeting toxins and impurities in the reproductive tract. These toxins can interfere with reproductive function and may make it more difficult to conceive.

RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsules help to create a healthy environment for conception. They also help to nourish the reproductive tract, providing essential vitamins and minerals that support reproductive health. This soothes and heals the vaginal tissues, while also reducing inflammation and promoting healthy blood flow. RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsule helps to restore the healthy balance of bacteria in the vagina. This is important for maintaining a healthy pH balance and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria that can lead to infection or inflammation.

RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsules are designed to support reproductive health by stimulating the hormone production the estrogen and promoting healthy egg cell activity. By promoting healthy estrogen levels, these capsules can help to regulate the menstrual cycle and improve fertility. Estrogen is a key hormone in the female reproductive system and plays a vital role in preparing the body for pregnancy. By promoting healthy estrogen levels, RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsules can help to support the body’s natural fertility and increase the chances of successful conception.

RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsules contain a unique blend of natural ingredients, including Gallnut, Cornus, and Sunflower seed oil. These ingredients have been carefully selected for their ability to promote reproductive health and support the detoxification of the reproductive tract.

RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsule has the following product:

User Guide:

  • 1. Keep private parts moist & clean by washing.
  • 2. Place the capsule into the vagina at a depth of 6-7cm while lying or sitting.
  • 3. Allow the capsule to be naturally absorbed by the body.
  • (Recommended: Use it two hours before bedtime.)


  • Shelf life: 2 years

Package Includes

  • RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsule
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RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsule
RevitaLife™ Fertility Detox Capsule
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