Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips


Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips
Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips

Feel the maximum volume for your hair with minimum effort with Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips. Go from flat to fab in seconds! Now you can create big, full hair at home

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“I really like the way my hair looks right now with these Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips. I think it really gives my roots a nice boost and makes them look bouncy and volumized. It is easy to use, just slide it on and you’re good to go!”—Andrea Stewarts—Brooklyn, New York

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“It is so easy to use. Just section off your hair, then clip it onto the roots of your hair. I am able to add volume to my fine hair and it hasn’t looked so full in years! I love these Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips. It makes me feel more confident. It’s definitely worth a try.”—Jessica Steinfeld—Cahokia, Illinois

How does Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips work?

Ricpind Volumizing Hair Clips are designed to give your flat roots a boost for greater hair volume! It can make your flat hair look bouncy for the whole day! We are proud to offer it as part of our salon-quality, professional haircare collection. Don’t let a flat scalp be an excuse for bad hair days.

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Say goodbye to lifeless locks and embrace a fuller head of hair in minutes with our Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips. With great quality, durable and easy-to-use design for maximum effect — not only at the roots but throughout the length of your locks too! Your hair will have an instant volume that holds all day long, leaving you looking effortlessly stylish every single day.

Unique features of Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips:

  • Set your hair on the go: If you’ve ever experienced the pain of flat hair, then our Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips can be your best friend. We’ve designed our clip to fit easily in any purse or travel bag. Whether you want a temporary or permanent volume boost, this clip is perfect for any hair type.

Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips

  • Natural lift that lasts all day: Beautify your tresses with Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips! With the use of these clips, you can achieve the results without a blow dryer but to get an enhanced effect, a blow-dry on slightly wet hair is recommended. It increases hair volume from the roots and prepares you beautifully for an event.

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  • Heat-Resistant body: Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips are designed to hold back your hair in an instant and keep it from bothering you. They can tolerate hot air blows from any blower or dryer without getting damaged. The clips have no-slip grip design and feature a wider opening, making them ideal for thick or curly hair.
  • Undamaged hair follicles: Get ready to feel the best you have ever felt. Subtle yet effective, these Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips will puff up your hair and create a voluminous look that you can style any way you like. They are made of plastic with no harmful chemicals that can harm your hair follicles. Use them on dry and wet hair to see the state that benefits you the most.
  • Combed design for a 2-in-1 effect: The Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips helps create volume, adding instant layers and an extra body in seconds. The comb on one end of the volumizing clip allows you to run it through to the ends of your hair strands while removing it so you don’t get unruly, wild hair after the process.

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Why You’ll Love Our Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips?

  • Each Volumizing Clip passes strict quality control
  • Includes 6 or 12 Hair clips
  • Boosts hair volume instantly
  • Long-lasting style
  • Measurement: 4.1 x 0.8 inches
  • Heat free
  • Establishes a visible lift without damaging your hair
  • Safe plastic
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Instructions included!

Package Includes: 1 x Ricpind Instant Volumizing Hair Clips

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