Ricpind LymphCare TourmalineFiber Bra


Ricpind LymphCare TourmalineFiber Bra
Ricpind LymphCare TourmalineFiber Bra

The Ricpind LymphCare TourmalineFiber Bra uses a soft and stretchy fabric that conforms to the shape of your body, creating a natural lift. Its seamless design ensures an invisible appearance under clothing while eliminating bulges. The breathable fabric encourages air circulation and maintains the necessary moisture levels within the bra. The Ricpind LymphCare TourmalineFiber Bra features three-part cups for comfortable support, even on larger bust sizes. And the bra’s lace trim adds some extra femininity to this style.

Lymphatic drainage is the body’s natural way of removing wastes and toxins. The Ricpind LymphCare TourmalineFiber Bra helps to increase lymphatic flow by promoting movement and muscle contractions that help to move lymphatic fluid through the body. The Bra features a blend that provides uniform compression, maximizing the benefits of lymphatic drainage and boosting your energy levels.

The Ricpind LymphCare TourmalineFiber Bra reduces or gets rid of fat while stimulating fluid retention under the arms. It helps to reroute fluid into the lymph nodes at the top of the thigh and the lymph nodes in the opposite armpit across the chest instead of the armpit where lymph nodes were removed. The result is a reduction in sagging due to excess fluids and improved skin texture with smaller pores. 

Ricpind LymphCare TourmalineFiber Bra is a safe and effective alternative to traditional underwire bras. This bra helps relieve discomfort in the breasts and prevents sagging due to aging and gravity. The built-in, cushioned cups provide support for the breasts without putting pressure on them, which should be avoided, especially if there are any problems with your breast such as lumps or cysts. It also provides compression support for all-around breast support and shape throughout the day, with a snug and comfortable fit.

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